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Friday, March 16, 2018

5 Reasons Why We Overeat

Like with most diseases, overeating can have its roots in our genes but can also be environmental. The world we live in has a profound affect on our weight. We are influenced by what we see and what we hear or read from the moment we wake up to the time we go to bed. It is hard to control everything but we can control much of our food environment. Despite the super-sized world we live in, it is possible to set up a positive food environment and set ourselves up for healthy lifestyle success.

There are some common causes of overeating that can be addressed and limited by the choices and changes we make.

Overeating after exercise. For many, we tend to overeat after we exercise. Research shows we think we have burned more calories than we really have and end up taking in more calories than we have actually burned. Our treadmill calorie counter is not our friend…nor is it really accurate. In a recent article in Parade magazine, Dr. Scott Kahan, director of the National Center for Weight and Wellness in Washington, states, “You can’t outrun your fork.”

Solution: Unless you’re running marathons, figure out how many calories you need to eat and stick to that, regardless of what you burn when you exercise.

Going out to Dine.  Our favorite social activity is dining out and it creates the perfect situation for overeating. Our brains tend to get set on autopilot so we fall into “mindless eating.” We order more than we should, thinking we’ll share. We drink more than one glass of wine or beer, which lowers our inhibitions. And according to Dr. Brian Wansink, an expert on behavioral economics at Cornell University, those large dinner plates prompt us to eat more, because portions appear smaller.

Solution: Integrate some fun and active social happenings with friends instead of focusing solely on eating. Consider pickle ball, bowling, line dancing, wall climbing, or visit a trampoline park.

Sleep deprivation. Dr. Michael Breus explains that our hormones are greatly affected by our lack of Sleep. As the author of The Sleep Doctor’s Diet Plan, Breus tells us that ghrelin, the “hunger hormone” that stimulates appetite, increases, while leptin, the “satiety hormone” that triggers fullness, decreases with less sleep. Additionally, low levels of leptin have been shown to increase our cravings for carbohydrates, which more often than not don’t mitigate hunger.

Solution: Make it a priority to get in more sleep. Seven to ten hours is recommended. Create “sleep” rituals like turning off the TV, taking a warm bath or reading a book before bed to help increase your sleep.

Foods labeled “healthy” encourage us to eat more. A recent report published in the Journal of the Association for Consumer Research explained that when something is labeled healthy we tend to think eating more of it is better for us. It tricks us into over eating.

Solution: Always practice portion control no matter the labeling.

We exclude fats from our diet. So much of our lives we have spent eliminating fats from our diets. Now we know this is also limiting our success in avoiding overeating. Fats make food taste good and they contribute to helping us feel full. “Eating fat does not make you fat; rather, it’s critical for health and weight loss,” says Dr. Mark Hyman, director of Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Functional Medicine.

Solution: Incorporate healthy fats into your diet as part of your daily meal plan. Include fats like those found in avocados, nuts, seeds, salmon, olives, olive and canola oil. And make sure to avoid trans fats.

A friend who has lost 70 pounds this past year said to me recently—“You lose weight in the kitchen and get fit in the gym.” The more I think about it the more I realize the truth in this statement. Overeating is all about what we do around food. But to manage our ability to avoid overeating we need to tend to our whole selves and recognize we deserve this tending and are…oh…so…worth it!

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Monday, March 12, 2018

Barrier Buster - My Spouse Would Never Go For Changing Their Diet

Need some right-sized tableware to help change your food environment at home? Take a look at our fabulous options!

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Friday, March 9, 2018

Guest Blog: Turning 50 after Gastric By-pass Surgery--Happy Healthy Birthday to Me!

Everyday many people are facing the life-changing event of bariatric surgery. It does change everything....even how we celebrate our birthdays. What is worth celebrating is taking charge of our health, putting our health first and realizing there is this amazing community of people who have experienced or are about to experience similar events...just like how to still have fun and navigate a special, milestone birthday as a post-op. Dannelle Gay is a well-known blogger and prolific author. She has been gracious enough to share some of her journey with the Livliga Live Vibrant blog readers. Let's all wish her a Happy Healthy Birthday!

Happy Birthday To Me!
One thing I didn't really think about in this weight loss surgery journey was how my birthday would change! This month, I turn the big 5 - 0 and will be having a totally different kind of party than I have over the last 49 years. I was joking with my daughter (she is 11) that I am going to throw myself a surprise party. She kindly let me know that I couldn't do that. (sigh) I even practiced my "surprise" face...

Oh well.
My birthday is eight days after my RNY surgery so I will still be on a liquid diet. Soooo, no cake. It's not fair to make the birthday gal blow out candles when she can't eat the treat, right? I'm thinking Jell-O shots! Sugar free for me and a tad boozier for my friends. Maybe I will mix some of mine in with theirs to see if the placebo effect really works? Something like all red ones are something I could indulge in, but not let them all know that? It's starting to sound like I should have video of this event...

What gifts do you normally give a birthday person for eventful milestones? My go-to was always restaurant gift cards. Um, nope! I won't be eating "real" food until mid September.

My daughter's brilliant idea was to have everyone bring me a two pound bucket of protein powder - any flavor but chocolate or vanilla. She has followed my education with me and knows that I will be enjoying protein shakes until March first of next year. She also informed me that Wal-Mart now has whey protein for $16.98. To round it up to an even twenty dollars, she suggested a fun scented Softsoap body wash. (Again, at Wal-Mart). So much for our stock in Target.

At least I will smell great while I loose weight, right?

Black decorations are not allowed. At. All. I am taking control of my life and getting ready to live a longer and healthier life. I think that calls for balloons!

Add some goofy Minute to Win it games and we now have a non-food themed party! Anyone who follows my blog, or has read one of my cookbooks knows that is a HUGE thing for me to deviate from - it's always been about the food, the theme and how to make the treats beyond adorable. March first is the start of a new me. The first year of my new lifestyle. It's going to be a real party!

Dannelle Gay is the author of the popular lifestyle blog Operation $40K where she is now sharing her Gastric Bypass journey. You can find her books on Amazon and Nook.

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Friday, March 2, 2018

10 Reasons Why LivSpoons Make Your Life Easier

It is fun to read all the reviews about why people are loving our LivSpoons. So many of the reviews include how the LivSpoon has made their lives easier and more convenient when they are measuring and serving for recipes and meals. Some talk about the ways they love using them for baking, canning and other everyday activities, like feeding their dogs just right portions.

Here is the collective list of the Top 10 Reasons people see LivSpoons making their lives easier:

1. Easy to hold
2. Hang on the side of the bowl as I am preparing a meal

3. Subtle way to track my portions
4. No messy clean up—the mess stays in the bowl
5. Measurements are etched on the bottom of the spoon so easy to find and read…but subtle
6. Well made and sturdy
7. Act as an extra pair of hands in the kitchen as I am measuring up items for a recipe
8. Great for entertaining

9. Don’t have to fish for my LivSpoon in a serving bowl like I do any other spoon that gets lost and messy inside my bowl
10. Makes right-sized servings look plentiful while making the measuring up of foods effortless

Ready to enjoy your own set of LivSpoons? Go to the Livliga website to learn more and shop now!

Enjoy! And Live vibrant!