Huge Livliga Designer Portion Control Dinnerware Sale on Zulily This Weekend

Saturday, March 29, 2014
Looking to live a healthier lifestyle? Wanting to spruce up your dinnerware? Check out Livliga's Designer Portion Control Dinnerware!

This is your lucky weekend! Zulily is having a HUGE sale of Livliga this weekend! What a great weekend for a fresh start!

Check out the beautiful dinnerware in two patterns:
Halsa 4 pc Individual Place Setting

Vivente 4 pc Individual Place Setting

Check out the elegant glassware:
Aveq Wine Glass with Fill Lines

Aveq Water Glass with 8 oz Fill Line
Check out the stunning serveware that goes with everything:
Aveq Serving Bowl for Right-sized portions

Check out the fun kid's set (in pink or blue) and award winning book:
Kidliga Sammie & Sax 3pc set in pink

Kidliga Sammie & Sax 3pc set in blue

So affordable. So pretty. So easy to use. So made for you!
Sale goes through Monday morning, March 31 at 6am. What are you waiting for? You deserve it! Click here to see all the Livliga products on sale now!

Enjoy! And Live Vibrant!

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