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Friday, July 28, 2017
The FitVine Wines that were Reviewed

Don’t we all hate to admit it? Facebook is a great resource for discovering new things not only about friends and acquaintances but also about new products. I discovered the existence of FitVine. This company caught my eye because its mission is to produce wines with less carbs and calories than other wines we drink. They also use a process that eliminates any residual sugars and extracts more tannins and sulfites. They want to create wines that are made to support a healthy, active lifestyle. 

The Facts about FitVine 

Through processes of malolactic fermentation and dry fermentation they eliminate carbs and reduce calories in their wines. Then through filtering all of their wines with both diatomaceous earth and micron pads they also reduce tannins and sulfites. Not only do they address calories and carbs, they also provide relief for those with typical allergies related to wine. 

FitVine has 95 or less calories and 0.2 grams of sugar (average calories for a glass of wine is 125 calories and sugars are 1.2 grams)/ 5oz glass. The overall carbs for FitVine are 3g of carbohydrates (average carb for a glass of wine is 4 grams) /per 5oz glass. The alcohol content ranges 13.4% - 13.9% (average alcohol for a glass of wine is 11.5%–13.5%)/per 5oz glass. I found it interesting that the calories and carbs were lower than an average glass of wine yet the alcohol level was clearly on the high side. Depending on your definition of “Fit” this could be good or bad news. 

What Wines are Available?

No doubt about it, I enjoy a glass or two of wine on the weekends and sometimes during the week, depending on how well it is going. I am also someone committed to a healthy lifestyle, which means being mindful of what I consume and how much I consume. I also like a variety of wines depending on the time of year and what I am eating. That is why when I saw the FitVine ad on Facebook it caught my attention and I decided to try it out. 

I purchased a bottle of each wine that was available: Chardonnay ($15.99), Sauvignon Blanc ($17.99), Pinot Noir ($19.99) and Cabernet Sauvignon ($15.99). Besides these bottled wines, it looks like they now offer a Pinot Grigio ($17.99) as well. 

How did they Taste? 

I tasted the wines at separate times. For each bottle, I opened it and experienced an initial taste without any food, and then I drank a glass with dinner. The Cabernet Sauvignon I took to a friend’s house so all those at dinner also got to try this wine. 

Bottom line, each wine tasted pleasant, some with a strong finish either in the mid-palate (Sauvignon Blanc) or back of the throat (Cabernet Sauvignon) that I did not find particularly pleasant. I did discover that the longer you let it breathe the milder the aftertaste becomes. This seemed particularly true of the Sauvignon Blanc. 

My favorite of those I tried ended up being the Sauvignon Blanc, once it had been open for a while. In my assessment, these are not wines you would serve at a party, or generally, but you might share them with others that are mindful-eaters, if they understood their purpose. I can see enjoying them at home as part of a healthy lifestyle and certainly as part of a specific program where you were watching what you eat and perhaps the carbs and calories you are consuming whether for an upcoming race or a period dedicated to trimming down. 

How did they make me Feel? 

I really liked the idea of being able to have 2 glasses of wine and not worry about nuking my diet or negatively influencing how I felt the next morning. There were no negative effects with these wines. There is a feel good about this version of wine, FitVine. 

I am glad it exists and that it gives me a choice, just like lite beer does. I look forward to the quality of these wines improving as well as the variety. If you are into enjoying life and being mindful at the same time, these FitVine wines can offer a good choice for living a healthy lifestyle. 

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