6 Tips for Living Healthy in the Summer with Diabetes

Friday, August 4, 2017

Summertime is a great time to enjoy fresh foods and so many outdoor activities we can only take advantage of at this time of year because of the sunny days and warmer weather. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, particularly if we have a chronic health condition like diabetes. When living with diabetes it is important to be mindful of how we can be affected by being outdoors more, being more active while being sensitive to how the weather can affect us. It shouldn’t stop us from having fun, we just need to plan ahead, fit in what we love to do, and balance it with how we need to take care of ourselves day-to-day. Living a healthy lifestyle means staying active, eating well, incorporating de-stressing activities while keeping hydrated and paying attention to how much sleep we get. Below are 6 tips for how to stay well, live well and make the most of the summer while living with diabetes:

As a caveat...some ideas may need to be modified according to where you live, local ordinances and recommendations, as well as your comfort level living in the time of covid-19...

1.Take advantage of outdoor fun
  • Camp out in your back yard or in a state park
  • Enjoy an outdoor concert or movie
  • Take a picnic to your favorite local park
  • Walk to the park and swing on a swing at the playground
  • Enjoy a backyard healthy barbecue with family and friends

2. Stay cool emotionally
  • Look for a local outdoor class for yoga or tai chi
  • Get up early and garden…don’t have your own? Volunteer at a community garden
  • Take an evening walk after dinner with your dog

3.Take advantage of summer fresh foods
  • Enjoy fresh fruits low in sugar like all berries, plums, papaya, cantaloupe, apricots and avocado
  • Discover vegetables in season like green beans, tomatoes, cucumber, eggplant, asparagus, zucchini, peppers and beets
  • Make the most of all the fresh herbs in season to season salads, garnish main dishes or add color to a meal

4. Keep cool with hydration
  • Enjoy cool water with a squeeze of lemon in your portable water bottle
  • Keep flavored sparkling waters handy in the refrigerator or cooler
  • Make fresh fruit infused home brewed teas ready to pour from your refrigerator

5.Plan meals that don’t add heat to your kitchen

6. Make the most of summer time activities
  • Play tennis by taking advantage of the free courts in your local park
  • Enjoy a bike ride. Don’t own a bike? Borrow a neighbor’s or rent one for an hour
  • Go kayaking by taking a trip to your local lake or reservoir and rent one for a day of fun
  • Swim at a local public pool or YMCA
  • Meet up at a local park and play Frisbee with friends and/or your dog
  • Tend to your yard and garden. Don’t have a backyard? Make your garden in pots and include herbs and vegetables to enjoy beyond the pot

Now is the time to make the most of your summer. Make sure to check in with your doctor, nutritionist and diabetes educator as you enhance your diet with fresh foods and more outdoor activities. And always remember to use sunscreen, wear a hat and stay hydrated! Enjoy! And Live vibrant!

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