Our New Bariatric Ebook has Eye Appeal AND Stomach Appeal!

Friday, August 11, 2017
We are excited to share with you, our new eBook for the bariatric community!

This eBook is not only a great guide as to how our Just Right Set™ bariatric can aid in your portion controlled lifestyle, but it is also a free resource for wonderful recipes by Nikki Massie of Bariatric Foodie.

Explore the stomach appeal and eye appeal of this new eBook as Bariatric Foodie offers visually stunning photographs to go alongside the various breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes presented!

Here is a delicious preview of what the recipe's are like in our eBook, for your eyes to feast upon!

Enjoy what you see? Get the complete eBook by clicking the link below.

Download Our Free  Bariatric Recipes eBook

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