5 Tips to help kids eat healthier

Friday, September 22, 2017

All kids need to eat healthy. There are some powerful statistics and predictions about our children’s health in the USA and they are ominous. For instance, there are 12.7 million children who are either overweight or obese currently in the US. This means one in three children struggle with the physical, mental and disease consequences of living in a body that is heavier than it should be to live a healthy life. Alarmingly, children of obese parents have a 66% risk of becoming obese before adulthood. And it is predicted that the incidence of diabetes will more than double by 2050. In order to change the tide of these untenable trends and predictions, it is important for all of us to embrace a healthy lifestyle and help our kids discover delicious, whole foods as well as the fun in eating healthy. With a little planning and creativity suited to your family and the kids in your life it is possible to shift to a healthier lifestyle and sustain healthy eating changes long term. Make it the way you live. Below are some tips to help kids eat healthier developed with information provided by ChooseMyPlate.gov.

5 Tips to help kids eat healthier:

Role Model eating fresh vegetables and fruits
It starts with all of us as adults embracing healthy eating. Our children learn their eating habits from the adults in their lives. We need to change if we want our children to change and grow up healthy.

Let your child choose which vegetable they would like to have for a meal
It makes sense, and studies show us, that if a child can choose the food they would like to eat they are more likely to try it…and like it.

Introduce new healthy foods, one at a time at a meal
Change takes time. Introducing new foods can be overwhelming. Discovering new foods one at a time sets everyone one up for a successful healthy lifestyle long term.

Let your child serve themselves, encouraging them to take small amounts at first to try all foods provided at a meal
Learning to serve up right-sized amounts of food is key to learning how to eat healthy. Trying out new foods in small amounts allows a child to try it out with out feeling overwhelmed. It is always good to let a child practice healthy eating habits.

Offer the same foods for the whole family
In order to instill healthy habits it is important that everyone embrace them and that the whole family be engaged in trying, discovering and loving healthy foods. The easiest way to do this is to have everyone eating the same foods at a meal.

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