Ten Tips for Quick and Easy Diabetes-friendly Goal Rewards

Friday, October 6, 2017

Ten Tips for Quick and Easy Diabetes-friendly goal rewards-- 

When we live with diabetes, we really never get a day off. The responsibility to take care of our selves is always there 24/7. How do we keep motivated? One way is to reward ourselves as we reach milestones or to help us feel better on a tough day. We all need ways to help give us a “feel good” and “pick me up” when we have been working hard to improve and manage our healthy lifestyle goals. Some days we need a reward to acknowledge how well we have done. On other days we need to treat ourselves “just because”. Below are ten tips for goal rewards that can help us all along our healthy lifestyle journey. The key is to avoid food fixes.

Easy Tips for Rewards with Some Planning Needed

  1. Try a fun exercise class like Zumba or pound fitness
  2. Plan a night out with friends and build in a fun activity like square dancing
  3. Go on a walk in the park and take photos of the flowers you see that you can then look at on your phone as a de-stressor break at work or when you need to be reminded of the beauty there is in the world and the lovely walk you took…and can take again!
  4. Give yourself a mani/pedi (men this includes you too!) at home or make an appointment at your local nail salon
  5. Sign up for a healthy cooking class with a friend or significant other to learn new ways of cooking and meet others who also enjoy cooking…then make sure to have a set of LivSpoons in your kitchen for easy measuring and serving!
  6. Plan a weekend getaway 
  7. Curl up and watch a movie of your choosing
  8. Be bold and get a new hairstyle
  9. Splurge on a new pair of work out shoes
  10. Get a henna tattoo to celebrate a milestone

Quick Fix Reward Tips

  1. Put headphones on and spend 5 minutes listening to music that can improve your mood.
  2. Take a break. Get outside and take a 10-minute walk. Invite a colleague or friend to join you for a fun way to check in and catch up
  3. Stand up and stretch. Make sure to not only stretch your legs, neck and arms but also your smile muscles!
  4. Check out adorable pet photos on Instagram that are trending
  5. Meditate by emptying your mind and replacing negative thoughts with a favorite memory and deep breathing
  6. Enjoy a chat with your favorite person
  7. Make time to play with your pet…or a pet you know…or go visit an animal shelter
  8. Take a long luxurious bath with aromatic bath salts
  9. Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers and place them where you will enjoy them most
  10. Fix a cup of green tea and savor every sip

There is always time we can make for ourselves to help us celebrate a milestone or feel better about our day. Just like with a fire drill, it is good to have our list ready so when we want to plan a reward or need that quick fix we have just the right idea at hand. That way we don’t give into our old not-so-good-for-us habits and reach for those brownies or that bottle of coke. Time for healthy lifestyle rewards that give us pleasure and sustain us, positively.

Enjoy, and Live Vibrant!

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