New Year Healthier Me Reboot—A Shift in Balancing My Priorities

Friday, January 12, 2018

I don’t know about you, but I love the New Year as a time for fresh starts and reboots. It is a fundamental part of my cycle of life. It provides me with the opportunity to reassess where I am in my life and goals.

Some people like this time to make pledges or New Year’s Resolutions. I like to think it is my time to build on what I know and where I want to go. I am thinking long term.

Last year I focused on intention. It was a time I wanted to be both purposeful and mindful in my eating and lifestyle. There were periods where I did very well but as a daily practice, I need to get much better at my intention. I am a classic caring female; often the needs of others and the priorities of life in general get ahead of my needs so I end up shoving my wants and valuable intentions to the bottom of the stack and let them get buried under all the other stuff of Life. By recognizing this big challenge in my daily life priorities and wanting to change this, I decided to break down how I go about doing things so I can make a shift in balancing my priorities.

Instead of making it a never ending tug of war between me and the rest of the world, there has got to be a way to integrate the two into a more harmonious way of living life daily. How can I be good to myself and meet my other obligations and responsibilities? I am going to keep it simple by asking myself some questions, honoring the answers, then setting up some goals with an action plan.

Overall goal: A shift in balancing my priorities. 

1. What goals can I embrace to better practice healthy habits?

Goal: pre-plan my weekly meals and snacks (use my daily menu plan)
Action: use Sundays to plan meals, go to the grocery store and pre-prep snacks

Barrier: making the time
Buster: reward myself with a massage every Sunday

2. What have I learned or experienced previously that was unexpected and fun in helping me practice healthy habits? Being included in Fitbit challenges.

Goal: continue to participate in the challenges and also start my own
Action: start a Fitbit challenge once a month in addition to joining other’s challenges

Barrier: sustaining the effort to build in the required activity
Buster: make the beginning of the week the launch off point

3. What do I want to do more of?

Goal: besides my daily works outs at the YMCA…I want to take an afternoon walk with the dogs.
Action plan: put walks on the calendar at least 3 times during the week

Goal: Add weekend adventures of kayaking with my husband on area lakes
Action: put 3 kayaking adventures at three different lakes on the calendar this year.

Barrier: my work schedule gets in the way
Buster: make the actions part of my calendar appointments

4. What habit do I want as my highest priority and how can I support it?

Goal: eating just the right amount of food at the right times of day.
Action: use Livliga dinnerware and LivSpoons to measure right-sized amounts of food
Action: create a consistent schedule for meals during the week (breakfast 8AM; lunch 1PM; Dinner 7PM)
Action: fill my water bottle first thing so it is ready to drink (use Hidrate)
Action: back to workouts 5 times a week, walk dogs 3 times a week, build in more weekend adventures
Action: pre-planned meals and snacks
Action: journaling to monitor food and feelings (use Fitbit)
Action: take the time to be mindful and present at the beginning of each day, before each time I eat and at bedtime

Barrier: work and family obligations; feeling too tired to follow through with the plan
Buster: I must remember in order to save others I need to put my own oxygen mask on first…

5. Where does losing weight fit into my priorities?

Goal: Absolutely… but not by being on a “diet.” I want to do it by eating right and living a healthy lifestyle, which will then cause weight loss
Action: follow the overall goal forthe year

Barrier: work and family obligations; feeling too tired to follow through with the plan
Buster: I must remember in order to save others I need to put my own oxygen mask on first…

6. My accountability

Goal: Make it public. It is right here in print!
Action: I am building into my blog calendar taking the time to review my Reboot goals with a couple of follow up blogs during the year. Keep posted!

Monday Motivations: As part of breaking apart the never-ending cycle of barriers we all face in or struggles to live as our healthiest selves, we are launching weekly Monday Motivational Meals this year each Monday. Sign up for our blog or follow us on Instagram and Pinterest to see these new motivations to support your healthy lifestyle success.

Let’s enjoy the journey and live vibrant!

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