Guest Blog: A Difficult Journey – Why I Decided to Undergo Bariatric Surgery

Friday, February 9, 2018

This week I have the pleasure of introducing you to Carol Adkisson and her personal struggles with weight loss and finding long term health. As all of us know who have struggled with weight loss and weight management, it is a struggle that is at once very personal but also shared by everyone else we know who has faced these same issues. Carol not only shares her personal story but has also created a fantastic resource for those considering bariatric surgery or is in the midst of their bariatric journey. It is a great document that is both practical and insightful. It is definitely something to read and share. I encourage you to do so!

Watching the numbers on the scale go down can bring about tears of joy. The opposite can cause tears, too, but not the joyful kind. And, I can attest to those notorious salty tears because I, too, have felt them streaming down my frustrated face.

The Backstory of My Struggle

After years of on and off dieting, I was still relying on food as a coping mechanism for trauma that stemmed from my childhood. In other words, I was an emotional eater. Although I’m a licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, my frustrations were getting the best of me.

When I gave birth to my second child my weight was over 200 pounds. Not only was I incredibly disappointed with my body but my body was struggling, too. Some medical problems that I faced were high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).

Sleep apnea was also a major concern of mine. It was exhausting. There were days that getting out of bed seemed the equivalent of climbing Mt. Everest.

I couldn’t even play with my children. Most days, it was a struggle just to take care of them. My self-esteem was crushed and made me feel like the worst mom on the planet.

How I Overcame my Own Self-judgmental Thoughts

I knew I wanted my life to change, because what I was doing—even with all my effort—wasn’t cutting it.

I was unhappy. My life was hurting. I was hurting.

In the past, I had always thought that if people would just try harder the weight would come off. That, if they didn’t lose weight they were slackers. Unsurprisingly, I cast this judgment inward.

In fact, I used to think that weight loss surgery was for this sort of “slacking” person. I hadn’t even considered the possibility that weight loss resistance was a real thing.

I was wrong, but I had to learn it for myself.

It wasn’t until a friend had a gastric bypass that my eyes were opened to the benefits of the procedure. She convinced me that it was a viable option for people who dealt with weight loss resistance.

The Journey to Self-Love and Forgiveness

As my mind slowly began to wrap around the idea of undergoing bariatric surgery a journey of emotional healing began as well.

It was as if a sort of relief or comfort had settled upon me. It became easier to forgive myself for what I’d deemed a failure in the past: my weight loss resistance.

I accepted the idea and committed myself to the work it would take to undergo such a procedure.

When I consulted my doctor he gave me the green light. And, I never looked back.

The judgment of calling myself a slacker or failure quickly melted away. Learning about the physical and emotional ups and downs was anything but failing on my part. In fact, it required effort and courage.

My life, health, and family are better because of the entire experience. I’m happy, whole, and don’t feel the same hurt that I used to. Actually, I’d do it all a million times over.

In the interest of helping others with their own struggles I’ve compiled a guide about Bariatric Surgery featuring everything you need to know before making a decision. I hope it helps you.

To read Carol's full guide on Bariatric Surgery: click here.

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About The Guest Blogger

Carol Adkisson is an author, speaker, a teacher and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Carol Adkisson is the owner of a private practice and founder/Chief Executive officer of a group non-profit, The Trauma and Healing Foundation in Fontana. She also is an author of a number of books including Recovering My Life, a Personal Bariatric Story.

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