Livliga has TWO big announcements for our Diabetes Community!

Friday, March 30, 2018

It is with great excitement and gladness that we introduce our new Diabetes Room—Living Life to the Fullest with Diabetes—on our Livliga website. It is a room that focuses on information specifically relevant for those with pre-diabetes or who are living with diabetes. Living a healthy lifestyle is important for all of us. Understanding how Livliga is helpful to those living with diabetes is what this room is all about.

We highlight how Livliga is an easy-to-use yet precise system to help you prepare, measure and eat well. It explains how a Livliga plate is the new and improved 9 inch Diabetes Portion Control Plate...still with the 7 inch well required but also with the added benefit of our psychology of eating built in! We even illustrate how Livliga dinnerware is a fabulous solution for managing your carbs.

You get to hear from those living with diabetes and why they love and use Livliga. Additionally, there is an area filled with useful resources just for those looking for information on diabetes. If you want to learn more about how to manage diabetes through portion control and the many ways Livliga can help, this room is for you!

Wait! We are not finished with our big announcements! We’d next like to introduce you to our new Diabetes Ebook. Livliga has created a handy FREE downloadable ebook—Manage Your Diabetes Through Portion Control—to provide tips and how to’s.

This easy-to-read ebook includes ways Livliga can help those living with diabetes achieve a healthy lifestyle, easily count and measure their carbs, as well as include their family and friends in what can be an enjoyable experience for everyone. It is all about supporting you in living life to the fullest with diabetes!

Download our FREE Managing Your  Diabetes Through Portion Control eBook!

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