Book Review: Liz Bull’s “Itty Bitty Diet FREE Weight Loss Book”

Friday, April 20, 2018

Don’t we all want to identify the ways we can live a healthier life and lose the weight we want? And wouldn’t it be great if somebody helped us to break down how to do this into 15 Key Steps to a Body and a Life You Will Love?

This book is very much a truth-as-advertised kind of book. It is “itty bitty” and all about our relationship with food and what influences our relationship, particularly around weight gain and weight loss. What this book so effectively brings to light is that weight gain and the reasons behind being overweight and obese are complex. It is not simply because we eat too much. Its sources are physical, emotional and environmental. No surprise to any of us who have struggled with weight.

This Diet FREE Weight Loss book takes on the meaty roots and causes of weight gain and provides the tips and steps to confront those reasons. It also discusses the barriers to weight loss and how to break them down. There are concrete solutions offered.

The book starts out by explaining why diets don’t work. Three reasons struck me:

  • Everyone’s body has a different set-point for weight, designed to keep you safe.
  • If you are starving emotionally, your body will compensate for that with weight.
  • The things that force your body to lose weight are not the same things that get your body to want to be thin.

I found the discussion and tips on stress, tension and sleep helpful and a great reminder of the specific things we can do to get a handle on our personal challenges in these areas. They do affect our health and we need to be reminded it is worth our while to work on managing them.

It may be a small book but the ideas are big and profound. It made me think. It is a good first step in defining what you need to work on to get a handle on what influences your weight and honestly, quality of life. The issues may be complex yet this Itty Bitty book makes the big point that we can define the steps and address them.

This book reminds me that there is always more to learn. It contributes to our ongoing learning and self-discovery.

A little bit about the author Liz Bull: Liz is a professional with a healing and medical intuitive practice. For full disclosure, Liz is a Livliga Affiliate. We both recognize that weight management is not just about how much we eat but also about the kind of food we eat, our environment, and the psychology around food. Livliga and Liz are offering solutions to help people live healthier lives. For more information about her and what she does please check out this link on our website.

She also shares great recipes. Here’s one you might like to try out! Sautéed Apples.

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