10 Reasons to Like the Cooking Light Diet

Friday, September 7, 2018

Cooking Light Diet, which is an online program you can subscribe to, is the answer to many frustrations and challenges associated with being on a diet. Some of the frustrations are: there is a lot of planning when you are on a diet; you have to stay within a plan and often that includes a specific calorie target for each day; in order to control what you eat you need to eat more at home and prepare more meals; preparing more food means you need to be organized and have the food you need on hand; and if you are a foodie, like me, the food has to be tasty and visually appealing so I can stick to it and succeed on the diet. With all the planning and organizing a diet can seem overwhelming and really time consuming. The Cooking Light Diet addresses all these frustrations and challenges to make it much more manageable and doable to be on a healthy diet.

I tried it out personally and lost 20 pounds! So bottom line—it works!

Here are the 10 Reasons to Like the Cooking Light Diet:

  1. All meals are planned for the whole week, including snacks.
  2. Meals can be swapped out so you don’t have to prepare something you don’t like.
  3. A grocery list is easily generated for the meals you plan to prepare.
    • The cool thing to point out here is that you can choose the meals you will make and the grocery list is automatically tailored to include only those meals you choose.
    • Another neat feature is that you can send the list to your phone and refine the list further so you only buy what you need and don’t already have in house.
  4. You can download the menu list so you can see at a glance what meals you will be preparing through out the week. They also send you daily reminders by email.
  5. You can download each individual recipe to use when preparing your meal.
  6. Everything is printable which is really helpful.
  7. Saving recipes you like is very easy; all you have to do is click on the “book” icon.
  8. There are diet options within the Cooking Light Diet so if you want to follow a low carb diet or want it to be vegetarian or gluten free there is that choice within the program. You can also choose your daily plan for calories.
  9. There is a feature to track your goals (which are adjustable), see long term progress, and graphs pounds down. It even includes badges to celebrate your successes.
  10. The cost is very reasonable—only $38 every 6 months!

There were only a few detractors I found to following this diet plan long term. The first is that there is a fair amount of repetition in the recipes. I also found some of the menus odd if you choose the low carb option. There seemed to be no attention paid to how the food would look on the plate to make it colorful and attractive. Often there would be two green vegetables with meat for the meal. Finally, I was really surprised there was no attention paid to seasonal foods in the menus. That to me is a real missed opportunity.

Overall I really like this online diet based on healthy eating. The recipes were tasty and pretty easy to make. Because you can swap out options, I found that made it easier to not only choose what I liked but also choose easier recipes, especially for snacks, that were less time consuming to assemble. Bottom line, I found it is a diet you can stick to and succeed with.

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