Get Ready for Livliga's one day FLASH SALE!

Friday, October 19, 2018

Now is the time to get ready for your holiday entertaining and check off those special gifts on your list! Livliga is having a flash sale with FREE SHIPPING on all purchases for ONE DAY ONLY! Stay tuned to all of our social channels to see when the sale goes live (hint it's soon!)

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We know the holidays can get stressful which is why we want to help you get ahead of the game! Maybe you're getting ready for the big family gathering and aren't quite ready to host everyone? Check out our Celebrate line as the perfect way to set a gorgeous and health-inspiring holiday table this season!

Perhaps you're an entertainer and you constantly have people in your house for the holiday season! Learn all about how our LivSpoons make your life easier, especially during the holidays!

Learn more about how LivSpoons can make your life easier! 

Or it could be you're a baker and are looking for some new recipes to help make your baking healthier for the whole family this year! Look no further than our fabulous FREE eBook we made with the help of Chef Vanessa Musi.

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So you've been thinking about buying Livliga but you don't fully understand the psychology behind the plates yet. What exactly makes our plates and portion control method so effective? We put together a fabulous, FREE and easy to understand eBook for you to learn all about it!

Learn More About the Psychology That Makes Livliga so Effective

Now that you are inspired to get a move on your holiday planning, stay tuned to learn when you can SAVE BIG with Livliga to prepare you for this year's holiday season!

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