Diabetes Living Tips for Your Mental Well Being During the Holidays

Friday, November 16, 2018

We all know that our mental well being and physical health are inextricably intertwined. If we ignore one it affects the other. Conversely, when we nurture our well being, we can directly affect our health. This is particularly true during busy, hectic times like the holidays. To stay in control, keep on track with managing our diabetes, and avoid the pitfalls of feeling overwhelmed, here are some mental health tips to practice:

1. Work to be and stay present each day, especially around food.
2. Think ahead; know your personal fire drill to avoid making unhealthy decisions and make sure to review it before heading out to a party or holiday event.

3. Plan ahead; make sure to build in balance not only with your food but also with building in time to care for yourself.
4. Take time to meditate...and just...breathe.

5. Start and end the day with gratitude; think of one thing that will make your day a better day and work towards it...at the end of the day make sure to find and ponder a few moments in the day that made you feel good.

Make a commitment to yourself to follow these tips up until the New Year. Next think about how to make them part of your daily routine throughout the year. You deserve it!

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