Tips on Holiday Health After Bariatric Surgery

Friday, December 7, 2018

Being our own Bariatric Success story is all about being true to ourselves and the life we want to live. This is not easy. We live in a super-sized world that tries to trick us to respond to unhealthy choices constantly. We have our own triggers and “old” coping mechanisms around food that even after years of controlling them, come back to tempt us when we are at our most vulnerable.

In order to succeed we have to be our own best buddy. We have to create a living environment for ourselves that sets us up for success through the easy as well as the harder times in our lives. We have to truly embrace that, not only do we want to live life as our healthiest selves, but we really and truly deserve it!

Keeping on track during the holidays is especially challenging. Here are 5 tips for being your own best buddy:

1. Listen to yourself. 

2. Give yourself a real hug and smile each the beginning and end of every day.

3. Talk through the challenges of the events, parties and food for each day and make a plan that supports you as you navigate each one.

4. Make a list of why you want and deserve to be your healthiest self, put it up on your mirror, carry it in your purse, and stick it up on your refrigerator. Review it out loud every day.

5. Share a cup of your favorite tea, put your favorite music on, and breath in the moment with yourself as your best buddy...enjoying your well deserved respite...make it a frequent ritual!

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