2019 Word Of The Year—Mindset and Measurement

Friday, January 25, 2019

Have you noticed that choosing a “Word Of The Year” has become more and more popular? A good pulse of this is checking on Twitter or Pinterest. Colleagues like Shelby Kinnaird (aka: the DiabeticFoodie) on the DiabetesSisters blog have also shared their #WOTY.

The idea of a World of the Year captured my interest. It even compelled me to look back at previous year’s blogs on New Year’s Resolutions, Goals and Intentions. Interestingly, I noticed a pattern thanks to this new insight about the power of one word. I’ve been using #WOTY all the way along!

When I was researching the origin and use of the Word of the Year there is actually a lot of information out there. One article talks about the power of choosing a word and how it is much more meaningful and doable than a New Year’s Resolution. Another resource explains the process for picking your own word to use for the year.

For me, the Word of the Year has always been about what the overarching theme is for me in the New Year. It helps me create a laser-like focus to help guide my purpose and goals. My #WOTY doesn’t replace goals, it enhances them.

Ideally the #WOTY should not only be an overarching theme but also:

  • Doable. This means you have to be able to manifest it in goals and actions.
  • Shareable. We all know that if we want to achieve something it has more strength and is more possible if we share it. It holds us accountable.
  • Explainable. We have to explain why we chose our word and how it is going to help us succeed.
  • Refinable. The wonderful thing about picking a word that reflects our focus for the year is that it allows us to refine and retool our goals so that we can better reflect our Word of the Year (Purpose) and support our success throughout the months ahead.
This year I have two words—Mindset and Measurement. It is true; I couldn’t just choose one word! It does have a nice alliterative quality to it, though, right?

Mindset has so much to do with whether we succeed or not. If we don’t think we will, we won’t. It is all about attitude. To set ourselves up for success we have to believe we can do it!

Measurement is key to living a healthy lifestyle. The reality is we live in a supersized world and NOTHING is provided to us in right-sized portions. There is no way around it but to measure out perfect portions for ourselves.

So what is your Word of the Year? Please share!

Happy Healthy New Year! Here’s to our success in 2019!

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1 comment

  1. My WOTY is "Renewal" I want to get back on track, be more organized & to become the healthiest best version of me that I can be.