Top 10 Right-Sized New Year Health Tips

Friday, January 18, 2019
Did you know we eat with our eyes, not our stomachs? It is true! Just think of the old adage “Your eyes are bigger than your stomach!” Now, in the oversized world we live in we have become all too familiar with the reality of this truism. But how do we help ourselves right size our world, eat healthy, and live as our healthiest selves in the new year? We have to consciously and mindfully right size our food environment so we can make it easier on ourselves to right size our portions, eliminate mindless grazing, and feel better and healthier long term.

10 Tips to Help You Right Size Your Food Environment in the New Year:

1. Right size your healthy lifestyle tableware.

  • Make sure your dinner plates are no bigger than 10.5 inches in diameter
  • All plates should have a wide rim
  • Bowls should hold no more than 16 ounces
  • Mugs should hold no more than 10 ounces

2. Learn what the standard serving sizes are, according to the USDA/MyPlate, for the different food groups so you can serve up right sized portions at every meal.

  • Most of us don’t know that each food group has its own serving size
  • Our healthiest foods, fruits and vegetables, have the largest standard serving size: 1 cup
  • Even our salad dressings, gravies and condiments have a standard measurement: ⅛ cup (2 tablespoons)

3. Invest in serving spoons with measurement so you can mindfully serve up right-sized portions at every meal.

  • There are serving sizes for a reason, they help us fuel our bodies but not consume more than our bodies need
  • Make it effortlessly mindful to serve up appropriate portion sizes at every meal and for every one dining at your table

4. Keep the TV off during meals.

  • TV is a distraction and if we watch it during meals we will not be fully aware of what we are eating and how much we are eating. Better to listen to some relaxing music
  • TV serves as a trigger for super-sizing our meals and eating highly caloric foods with the commercials we view and what we see depicted in the shows we watch. Avoid these triggers as much as possible, especially at meal time

5. Sit to eat.

  • In order to give our eyes, mind, and stomach the time to acknowledge that we have eaten and feel full we need to make the time to take the time to eat
  • Research shows us that we actually metabolize our food more effectively if we are present when we eat
  • Sitting and mindfully eating will help us feel more satisfied at the end of a meal

6. Include everyone in the healthy, right-sized world you are creating.

  • The greatest gift we can give ourselves and the ones we love is the gift of health and it starts with what we eat and how much we eat
  • Healthy eating is necessary and relevant to everyone regardless of health, age or size

7. Be aware of the colors that surround you, they make a difference.

  • McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken, along with all other fast food restaurant, use hot, stimulating colors (like yellow, red and orange) for a reason—they cause you to eat faster and eat more
  • To help you enjoy your meal and make sure you are eating at a just right pace, surround yourself with calming, non-trigger colors…this includes your dinnerware
  • Blue has been proven to be an appetite suppressing color so you can feel fuller faster with perfectly portioned meals

8. Get rid of the highly calorie, highly processed foods in your kitchen…those you can’t get rid of should be hidden from view and hard to reach.

  • Highly processed, highly refined foods tend to be highly caloric and addictive. If we want to succeed these foods should not be lurking in our homes tempting us
  • Our visual landscape including our kitchen, dining areas, our pantry, and our refrigerator should be supportive of our healthy lifestyle

9. Spend time each week to get organized, plan meals and snacks, and go to the grocery store.

  • We are more in control of what we eat if we pre-plan our menus and snacks
  • Going to the grocery store once a week with your list allows you to spend less time and money overall on the meals and snacks you’ll eat and allows you to have what you need already on hand when you are tired and hungry

10. Cook more at home.

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