Book Review: Finally Full, Finally Slim by Lisa R. Young, Ph.D., R.D.N.

Friday, February 22, 2019
Looking for a way to permanently lose weight and keep it off? You can do it one portion at a time, according to well-known and well-regarded nutritionist and portion-size expert, Lisa R. Young, Ph.D., R.D.N.

Dr. Lisa R. Young has done it again. She has written a new book to complement her original book, The Portion Teller, that is a comprehension resource and guide on how to be Finally Full, Finally Slim. The book is packed full of information which could be overwhelming except that she has broken it down by stages and days.

In this new book Dr. Young provides a 30-day plan to success. What is different about her daily plan is that it is not about what to eat each day but instead about what you need to learn and embrace in order to change, adopt a healthy lifestyle, and lose weight. The cornerstone of her book is portion control. As she states, “Portion control is like a classic wardrobe: It never goes out of style.”

She also takes the time to explain the difference between portions and serving sizes. In the super-sized world we live in it is key to realize that what we are served is a portion but that portion can be made up of any number of servings. Portion control in this day and age is all about getting back to the basics of serving sizes and what they are for every type of food we eat.

Interestingly, Dr. Young spends no time on calories. Instead she focuses on what a balanced meal looks like and what common serving sizes are for the foods we eat for a balanced diet. The point being that when we right size what we eat and we are eating a healthy, balanced diet, there is no need to calorie count. We need to track our portions, not calories. This is doable.

Along the way she provides us with insights called a “Wedge of Wisdom” that share stories of how her patients have found success. She also gives a “Bite-Sized Goodie” throughout as well as a “Slice of Advice” to highlight relevant facts or how-to’s.

Each day has a focus. For instance Day 8 is entitled “Right-Size Your Dishes” and Day 10 is “Cook Like a Portion Pro” where she writes about “portion props to the rescue” and reinforces the importance of right-sized dishware that includes built in measurement as a prop that has been proven to support weight loss and right-sized eating. She puts it simply by saying, “Portion-control dishware is a good reminder to pay attention to your portions.” No other book I have read about weight loss provides such tangible solutions.

In the back of the book she provides a number of Appendix. Don’t skip over theses. This is where she provides comprehensive lists of foods and their serving sizes. She also provides portion plans that include meals with specific foods with simple preparation and their serving sizes. She even provides a guide on how to create your own portion tracker. And finally, Dr. Young gives a list of specific portion props to help you succeed in portion control everyday and every way. It is important to note that Livliga is mentioned in a variety of categories.

From Mind-Set to Measurement Lisa R Young, Ph.D., R.D.N. gives us the content and guidance for what we need to succeed with permanent weight loss and living a healthy life in her new book Finally Full, Finally Slim. Quite simply, it is the new encyclopedia for successful portion control.

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