Portion Control Plates, The Key To Weight Control Success!

Friday, March 8, 2019

Jane Brody of the New York Times recently wrote an article entitled, “For Real Weight Control, Try Portion Control.” More and more we are finding that the road to our good health is by using the age-old technique of portion control.  Science is confirming this and those that have succeeded in losing weight and keeping it off affirm that there is no magic, and the key is to be mindful every day and at every meal. The famous actress, Kathy Bates, is a great example. Recently on GMA she stated that her over 50 lbs. weight loss success was due to mindfulness.

With all the distractions we have, it is not easy to be mindful. Those that have been successful change their environment to support them in being mindful and right sizing what they eat. The first is to eliminate the distractions and create a designated time and place for eating. The most important is to find the tools that work for you to help you maintain mindfulness. To be successful, our choices have to be doable, repeatable and sustainable.

Livliga is a proven mindful tool to help create an inviting food environment that guides you to serve up right-sized portions and balanced meals in a way that is doable, repeatable and sustainable. When it comes to portion control, Dr. Lisa Young is an expert. In her brand new book, Finally Full, Finally Slim, she walks you through the process of becoming mindful. An important part of what she talks about is what she calls “portion props.” She mentions Livliga and our suite of products multiple times. Clearly Livliga is a tool you want in your toolbox.

For long-term success it is a must that we find a way to right size what we eat. Equally important is that when we serve up right-sized portions that they appear to us as plentiful so we can feel satisfied at the end of a meal. If we don’t feel satisfied what will we end of doing?...eating more, of course!  That is why the psychology of eating and mindfulness is as important as using portion control and right-sizing what we eat.

Livliga is all about mindful eating and portion control. Not only do we have portion control plates, we also have portion control bowls, mugs, side plates, wine glasses, beverage glasses, serving spoons with measurement, serving bowls and so much more! And there is psychology built in so you can feel satisfied at the end of your meal! We make portion control doable, repeatable and sustainable. Find out more about how we do it by downloading our free ebook that walks you through the science and psychology.

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