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Friday, March 1, 2019

The Adventures of a Healthy Lifestyle Start Up take us in many directions. Building a company from the ground up also provides for many life lessons. When you are a creator, developer, and manufacturer of a retail product you have to be open to receive feedback, learn from it, and glean key points to help you improve your product and processes. We have asked for feedback from our customers, health experts, other businesses, and those we gathered for focus groups. We always learn.

Here are some of our “pearls of wisdom” we wanted to share with you from the people who really use our product, those who are the professionals in the healthcare field with expertise to share, and those who live with a variety of health conditions who have a specific point of view.

What People say about Our Healthy Lifestyle Product who use it:

What the Professionals say about our Portion Control Product:


What People say about our Go-To Diabetes Portion Plate who are Living with Diabetes:

What People say about our Just Right Set® bariatric dishes who are part of the Bariatric Community:

Everybody seems to be Loving our LivSpoons:


Feedback we received about our Children’s Line, Kidliga:

What the Press says (Jenna Bush and Hoda Kotb, actually!):

These are just a few examples of what people think about Livliga. We have discovered we are helpful to so many people with a variety of needs and health concerns. Whether young or old we have products ready to be used to help people live as their healthiest selves. Because of this important feedback we have developed new product like the Just Right Set® bariatric dishes and flatware. We are also adding new sizes to our LivSpoons to better meet the needs of those living with diabetes, those in the bariatric community, as well as those who cook and bake at home. We do listen. We do learn. And we act on the feedback we receive.

We now have people who have used our product for a few years. There is nothing better than hearing from our customers how they continue to love Livliga and what more they would like to see from us. It is helping us remain relevant and grow!

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