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Thursday, April 2, 2020
At a time when life is uncertain and it is important for us to make mindful and prudent decisions to take care of ourselves and our families, Livliga is introducing a new way to buy our product. Discover this innovative and advantageous approach to selecting our healthy lifestyle products all with the convenience and ease of buying them together in specially combined and priced sets. Start or add to your Livliga collection effortlessly and mindfully with proven favorites. Available now on our website!

Livliga Everyday Bundles

This month we have launched 3 different types of Everyday Bundles. All three bundles will be available throughout the year for select combined items people enjoy purchasing together to use as an ensemble when preparing and serving up meals in a healthy lifestyle. The best part—all bundles are specially priced and have FREE SHIPPING!

Bariatric-friendly Bundle

Livliga Bariatric-friendly Bundle

Livliga has created a special bundle for those in the bariatric community of the products that have been specifically designed to support WLS thrivers in their healthy lifestyle journey.

Diabetes-friendly Bundle

Livliga Diabetes-friendly Bundle

Paying attention to what you eat and how much you eat is key to living life to the fullest with diabetes. Livliga has combined a unique ensemble of products to make it easy to serve up beautiful and perfectly portioned meals for those living with diabetes and their families. This bundle is available in both the Halsa pattern and Vivente pattern. Discover your favorite.

Family-friendly Bundle

Livliga Family-friendly Bundle

It is important that everyone eat healthy in a family. Each person deserves their own right sized dinnerware to serve up and enjoy portion balanced meals. Livliga has designed the perfect combo of family-focused tableware to help family members serve up healthy meals in just right portions for every person according to their specific needs. Choose between Pink Kidliga or Blue Kidliga.

Live well and stay healthy with Livliga. The simplest and easiest way to set yourself up for healthy lifestyle success. Check out our bundles!

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