For Those Of You Who Participated In Our Giveaway - A Final Shipping Update

Tuesday, November 23, 2021


Final Shipping Update

Final Shipping Update

All orders have now been shipped! As we had hoped, we got all packages out before Thanksgiving. We want to thank everyone for their patience as we got all your giveaway orders processed and sent. We hope you and those you share our product with will enjoy it for years to come.

We did run out of the ⅓ cup and ¼ cup LivSpoons. For those of you that ordered the free giveaway 6 piece LivSpoons we did go ahead and send you for free a 4 piece LivSpoon original set rather than not sending you any of the LivSpoons. We called a few of you and you gave us the feedback that you would appreciate our sending what we had available so that is what we did. The original LivSpoons set is the cornerstone to our Livliga system and maps directly to our plates so it is a great set to have and wonderful to use for serving up right sized meals.  If you plan to give it as a gift, it is packaged beautifully and ready to wrap!

As we closed our retail doors at the end of October we no longer have any product available for sale. That is why we had the giveaway event. If you are looking for additional product we recommend you look on Amazon or Ebay where third parties may continue to sell our product. We are not associated with these other retailers and do not have control over what they may choose to charge. Hopefully at sometime in the near future we will have our product licensed and available through other companies. We will keep you posted.

We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving,

Live vibrant,

Sheila and Walt Dietrich

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