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Friday, November 9, 2018

2018 Healthy Lifestyle Gift Guide

Below are Livliga’s 2018 picks for Gifts of Health to give yourself or the ones you love this holiday season. Most of these gifts have been reviewed by Livliga or are offered by Livliga so click on any of these gift ideas to find out more!

Children’s Healthy Lifestyle Gifts

*These are wonderful gifts to give together for young children to enjoy! (Ideal ages: 4-8)

Bariatric Healthy Living Gifts

**These are wonderful gifts to give together to give to yourself or a bariatric BFF!

Diabetes Healthy Living Gifts

***These are wonderful gifts to give together to give to yourself or a diabetes sister or brother!

Kitchen Gadgets Fun For All

Best Healthy Living Books for 2018

Other Healthy Lifestyle Gift Ideas

****These are wonderful gifts to give together to give to yourself or a special person you care about to add health and beauty to their home!

Not only can we give you great Healthy Lifestyle Gift Ideas for the Holidays, we can also give you great deals to make those wishes come true! Keep a look out for our upcoming, once a year, super savings during Black Friday through Cyber Monday this November!

Handy Gift Guide!

Happy Healthy Holidays! May you Get and Give the Gifts of Health!

Friday, November 2, 2018

New Research “disses” small plates…what then is the answer?

Answer: Livliga’s right-sized plates remain the long-term answer for healthy eating

People are beginning to realize that there really is a big psychological difference between right-sized plates and small plates. New research further proves small plates don’t curb appetite when you are hungry and need help to manage how much you eat in that moment.

Research is confirming we can’t and don’t trick our eyes with small plates. Actually, there is more than one study out there making it evident that small, salad-sized plates are not the long-term solution for success. The proof is mounting that we end up eating more, not less.

First, a recent study by experts at the University of Liverpool in England analyzed whether small plates really did cause people to eat less. What they found was quite the opposite. What they saw was that people, in truth, often went back for seconds BECAUSE they were using a small plate and therefore could justify eating more.

Now there is more scientific evidence to prove that small plates don’t actually help us eat less, especially when we are hungry. Turns out, according to recent research out of the Ben-Gurion University in Israel, that when we are hungry, our eyes are not fooled by how food looks to us on a small plate. Our eyes see the plate as small and the food as not enough. Seeing food as not enough is not a good thing to be grappling with when you are hungry and less likely to be in control of decisions around the food you are eating.

All evidence is leading to the best solution, which is to use right-sized plates when eating. Right-sized plates do not look small and when you put the correct serving sizes on it, if they are Livliga plates, the food does look plentiful and like enough so you can feel satisfied at the end of a meal.

It is not just one thing that will make eating right sized portions appear plentiful and seem like enough. Right-sizing your plate is just one step in the right direction. It is also important to have the right shape of dishware, non-trigger colors on them, a design that frames the food so it can look like enough and even use visual illusion to enhance the positive visual cues our eyes will receive and our brain will interpret to help us right-size our food, not feel denied and deprived when we do, but instead feel satisfied at the end of a meal.

We are constantly being influenced by our food environment. During the past several decades that influence has worked against us, causing us to eat more, gain weight and grapple with a host of health problems because of it. Small plates alone may not be the answer but right-sizing our food environment, using dishware that supports us in serving up standard portion sizes and creating an attractive place to eat is key to long term success. Paying attention to what we eat, how we eat and where we eat is how we will take back control of our food, our health and the way we really want to live.

Find out how Livliga wants to support you in your success and how we can do that by helping you change your behavior.

Learn More About the Psychology That Makes Livliga Plates so Effective

Friday, October 26, 2018

Book Review—The Pocket Carbohydrate Counter Guide for Diabetes

Everyone needs to read this book. Rarely am I this enthusiastic about a book. The title of the book is The Pocket Carbohydrate Counter Guide for Diabetes. The author is Shelby Kinnaird. I have admired her blog for sometime, The I have found her recipes to be imaginative, visually appealing and easy to follow. Her easy to follow and pragmatic approach is the same approach she has offered in her first book.

Shelby Kinnaird tackles complex subject matter in a straightforward manner that is easy to understand. She walks you through from the beginning so we can understand the “Science of Blood Sugar” and how this knowledge then informs us on why paying attention to the amount of carbohydrates we eat as well as the type of carbohydrates we consume is so important to our health, especially for those living with diabetes. As she writes, —“One thing I’ve learned is that everyone needs education and tools to help them stay on track with their diet—especially handling those pesky carbs.”

Ms. Kinnaird takes this understanding and then applies it to our real lives to help us understand how to measure our carbs, where they are hidden in our foods, as well as how to make better choices about the food we eat. She even gives us helpful tips for when we go out to eat and when we go grocery shopping. And as if that wasn’t enough, she additionally offers a glossary of terms and resources so as we continue to learn and need support we will have it right at our fingertips.

Shelby is a person living with diabetes. It is clear in her book that she has deep understanding of the subject matter and lives by the information she shares. Towards the back of the book in chapter 11 (page 99) she shares her Ten Tips for Staying on Track. As she states, by just following these tips, you “will improve your diet, blood sugar control and overall health.”

Living healthy and eating healthy is relevant to us all. It can be life or death for a person living with diabetes. Understanding what diabetes is and how to manage it is critical whether you have prediabetes, type 1, type 2, LADA, or gestational diabetes. This book is a true guide to understanding and managing diabetes.

If you would like to learn even more about living healthy and managing your diabetes, we have put together a FREE eBook for you to learn how portion control can help!

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Thursday, October 25, 2018

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Here's to your Happy and Healthiest Holdiays!

Monday, October 22, 2018

Friday, October 19, 2018

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