Last Sale of the Year!

Last Sale of the Year!
Celebrate the holidays!

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Still Time for Holiday Delivery - Our One Day FLASH SALE!

Today is the day! Don't miss out on our ONE DAY flash sale! Get FREE shipping on all purchases today. And don't forget to take advantage of our AMAZING "today only!" pricing on our 16 piece dinnerware sets. All of this AND we'll make sure it get's to you in time for Christmas (ground delivery)! It's the perfect time to save AND give the gift of health!

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Not sure what to get? Here's a little help:

Maybe you have a baker in the family? If so, our LivSpoons are an amazing addition to any kitchen. Not convinced? Learn from our customers why they're the best!

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Perhaps there's one person in your family who is regularly hosting the rest of the family for dinner parties or holidays? We have lots of options for them too!

We have a fabulous serving bowl (that goes well with the LivSpoons), and full dinner sets to help keep everyone in the family healthy, and even fabulous glassware for everyone to use!

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Friday, December 7, 2018

Tips on Holiday Health After Bariatric Surgery

Being our own Bariatric Success story is all about being true to ourselves and the life we want to live. This is not easy. We live in a super-sized world that tries to trick us to respond to unhealthy choices constantly. We have our own triggers and “old” coping mechanisms around food that even after years of controlling them, come back to tempt us when we are at our most vulnerable.

In order to succeed we have to be our own best buddy. We have to create a living environment for ourselves that sets us up for success through the easy as well as the harder times in our lives. We have to truly embrace that, not only do we want to live life as our healthiest selves, but we really and truly deserve it!

Keeping on track during the holidays is especially challenging. Here are 5 tips for being your own best buddy:

1. Listen to yourself. 

2. Give yourself a real hug and smile each the beginning and end of every day.

3. Talk through the challenges of the events, parties and food for each day and make a plan that supports you as you navigate each one.

4. Make a list of why you want and deserve to be your healthiest self, put it up on your mirror, carry it in your purse, and stick it up on your refrigerator. Review it out loud every day.

5. Share a cup of your favorite tea, put your favorite music on, and breath in the moment with yourself as your best buddy...enjoying your well deserved respite...make it a frequent ritual!

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Friday, November 23, 2018

Save BIG with Livliga this Black Friday!

We know the holidays can get stressful! There's all the parties, shopping for gifts, spending tons of time with family and trying to stay healthy. This year Livliga has you covered! We're having a weekend full of AMAZING sales to help you cross names off your gift list starting right now! What better gift is there than giving the gift of health?!

Not sure what to get everyone on your list this holiday season? We've got you you covered there too! We made a gift guide to help you give the gift of health to everyone you care about this year.

Handy Gift Guide!

Maybe you have a baker in the family who needs a set of our fabulous LivSpoons? Did you know they're one of our award-winning products?! Designed to be both practical and beautiful, they make measuring your food, or ingredients for baking, easy and natural to do by having a set of 4 spoons in standard serving/measurement sizes. You can enjoy using them in the kitchen, on a buffet, or at your dinner table.

Or maybe you have an entertainer in your family who LOVES to have people over and make healthy delicious food for all of their family and friends? Our full celebrate set might be just the ticket!

Celebrate: The Poetry of Life!

Still not sure what to get? No worries--we also have gift certificates! Here at Livliga we want to help you give the gift of healthy living to those you love.

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Live Vibrant!

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Wishing You A Healthy & Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time to reflect on all the things we're grateful for. Here at Livliga we're grateful for you, our amazing community of people, working towards living your happiest and healthiest life!

We hope you and your family have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving! If you're not sure what to do with all of your delicious thanksgiving leftovers take a look at our blog full of fun and healthy ideas for all that turkey!

PSST...keep your eyes peeled all weekend for our BIGGEST sale of the year!

Friday, November 16, 2018

Diabetes Living Tips for Your Mental Well Being During the Holidays

We all know that our mental well being and physical health are inextricably intertwined. If we ignore one it affects the other. Conversely, when we nurture our well being, we can directly affect our health. This is particularly true during busy, hectic times like the holidays. To stay in control, keep on track with managing our diabetes, and avoid the pitfalls of feeling overwhelmed, here are some mental health tips to practice:

1. Work to be and stay present each day, especially around food.
2. Think ahead; know your personal fire drill to avoid making unhealthy decisions and make sure to review it before heading out to a party or holiday event.

3. Plan ahead; make sure to build in balance not only with your food but also with building in time to care for yourself.
4. Take time to meditate...and just...breathe.

5. Start and end the day with gratitude; think of one thing that will make your day a better day and work towards the end of the day make sure to find and ponder a few moments in the day that made you feel good.

Make a commitment to yourself to follow these tips up until the New Year. Next think about how to make them part of your daily routine throughout the year. You deserve it!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Livliga has been Recognized Nationally for the Caliber of Our Product

Livliga product is unique. We often point out that our products have three utility patents. What is less known are the awards and recognition we have received because of our unique, innovative, and stylish designs. We currently have three awards to share. Retailer Editor’s Pick—2016 Best New Product   

We were thrilled to receive the Best New Product designation for our LivSpoon®.  As they said…”We picked it because: Measuring spoons that double as attention getting serving spoons…creates a world where portion control…just got a whole lot more fun”.
Martha Stewart Made In America—2014 Finalist for Design

Livliga was recognized as a finalist in design for our American-made Aveq wine glass. To be picked as a Finalist among thousands of products submitted for consideration and then judged as part of the Martha Stewart’s American Made nationally recognized awards program, celebrating rising stars of the growing maker culture, is a dream come true.  To have this health and wellness company be recognized for its design is indeed an honor.
Moonbeam Children’s Book Award—2013 Bronze Medal Winner

It takes a team to create a nationally recognized children’s book. Sammie & Sax in the Land of Quinoa: the Search for a Balanced Meal is an original book with illustrations that helps kids learn about a balanced meal, eating healthy, and how to do it as a family. To have this first book, of a series to be written, recognized among multi-thousands of entries is truly humbling. The adventure book is given to every child that receives a set of Kidliga dishware and can also be bought separately. Now this special book has been translated into Spanish. The book is available both in hard back, in English, and electronically, in Spanish.  This is part of the Livliga dream to be available to all ages and accessible to everyone.