Ten Quick Tips for Bariatric Friendly Mindful Eating

Friday, July 7, 2017

Bariatric Friendly Miindful Eating
Eating with Intention and Attention

The key to mindful eating is being fully present when you eat. It is about eating with intention and attention. This allows you to be aware of your food environment and the food you are eating. Being mindful also creates a positive space for you to eat right-sized healthy foods, enjoy the process, and feel satisfied at the end of the meal.

Since we have spent most of our lives grazing when we eat, not paying attention to what we eat or the amounts we eat, it is a journey to become fully mindful and present when we eat. This is particularly true in the bariatric community. Thinking ahead about how to support ourselves in making a manageable space for being mindful when we eat helps us prepare to be present.

Mindful Eating Tips
Sit down to eat

  Below are Ten Quick Tips for Bariatric Friendly Mindful Eating:
  1.  Right size your food environment, starting with your dishes 
  2.  Eliminate any distractions at mealtime—turn off the TV
  3. Make time for your meal, don’t rush it, slow down and enjoy
  4. Sit down to eat
  5. Create an attractive environment to eat that makes your feel good as you eat. Feast your eyes as well as your stomach
  6. Chew slowly to allow you to savor the flavors
  7. Put your cutlery down between bites to help you slow down and appreciate your meal
  8. Plan out when you eat and what you eat for each day. Think about making your meals colorful and interesting. Vary your menus. 
  9. Measure your food. Busy week? Prepare your recipes and pre-measure multiple meals. This helps you become effortlessly mindful
  10. At the end of the meal take a moment to be aware of how you feel both physically and emotionally. Become aware of what it feels like to feel full and satisfied.

Ten Quick Tips for Bariatric Freindly Mindful Eating
Measure Your Food

   There are many benefits to becoming mindful. First and foremost it helps us succeed long term in living a healthy lifestyle. It assists us in changing our relationship with food. Other benefits for the bariatric community are:

    •    Knowing when you are full sooner
    •    Feeling satisfied with less food
    •    Reduces chances of over-eating
    •    Improved digestion

Enjoy! And Live Vibrant!

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