A New Opportunity in 2022 - Livliga Licensing and Consultation Services

Friday, December 31, 2021

As the year ends Livliga would like to introduce you to our new business endeavors. Starting in 2022 Livliga is pivoting to Licensing and Consultation services. We are interested in working with businesses and their partners to continue to bring Livliga’s innovative approach to healthy eating to those who need our award winning and proven products and concepts.

Over the past 10 years Livliga has provided and grown its stable of portion control products for health-conscious and health-challenged individuals across the United States and other countries through hospitals, clinics, universities, wellness businesses and online retail stores. These science-based products were developed specifically for use for those living with diabetes, bariatric patients, those with eating disorders, those wanting to learn and live a healthier lifestyle, and for children so they can have the support they need to learn about healthy eating and live a healthy life.


Benefits of Livliga


Livliga is the only patented portion control dinnerware on the market. It does 3 important things:

  • It uses psychology in the design to help an individual eat right-sized amounts of food AND feel satisfied
  • It has built in measurement in every dish so it makes measuring servings easy (the map is on the back of all dinner plates)
  • It is a system so it makes preparing and serving meals part of a healthy habit anyone can benefit from and enjoy everyday

Licensing Our Product
Livliga has 3 utility patents. Our innovation is unique and proven to be effective. We have sold our product to consumers, hospitals, clinics and universities. We have also produced private label products for specific companies using our unique iconic design. Individuals have been using it, loving it, and living a healthier lifestyle by using our products.

We are now only offering our product through licensing agreements. These agreements are tailored to the specific interests and needs of each company. Contact us so we can work with your company in meeting your focussed needs.

View Our Product Design Portfolio

Livliga’s success is as a result of years of research and development. With 3 utility patents and 3 national awards we have been able to help people live healthier lives.
We want to make our years of experience available to you. To make an appointment or to find out more about our consultation services, contact us.

Discover Livliga Product Concepts

We would welcome the opportunity to work with you or your partners to license any of our products that will complement the work you do to help people live healthier lives and we are available to provide our consultation services to professionals, groups or individuals who can benefit from our expertise and unique understanding of visual cues and right sized eating. Please find out more on our website: Livliga.com. Or feel free to email us at info@livligahome.com or call 303.678.1288. We are ready to work with you.


Live vibrant and to a Healthy and Fruitful 2022!


Sheila and Walt Dietrich

Website: Livliga.com

Email: info@LivligaHome.com

Phone: 303.678.1288



Happy Holidays with Gratitude!

Monday, December 27, 2021


Happy Holidays From Livliga

Happy Holidays! We have found there are so many reasons to be grateful this year. Out of a very difficult decision to close down Livliga’s retail business, we have found so much fulfillment in giving our remaining product to individuals and nonprofits.

In the final days of October we held a “One Day Give Away” that we ended up extending over the course of a weekend. Close to 700 people participated. Many of those individuals reached out to us thanking us for the opportunity and telling us how Livliga has helped them in their lives. Nothing could be more meaningful to us.

Then in November we reached out to nonprofits to donate our product to help those they serve. Many of the nonprofits are those that we have worked with over the years, however, a number of you recommended new nonprofits that we were able to donate product to as well. We are proud to have partnered with these organizations:

Ability KC
Allen Village School
Bridge House
Children’s Center for Healthy Lifestyles and Nutrition
Children with Diabetes
Colorado Children’s Hospital
Diabetes Sisters
Discovery Cube
International Rescue Committee
KC Catholic Charities
KC Girls Preparatory School
Lead to Read KC
Second Chance Center
Warren Village
YMCA of Northern Colorado

We are thrilled to end the year by giving to so many. Our product will live on helping others.

As we end this year of 2021 we wish you the best of holidays. And as we look forward to what 2022 brings, as Livliga pivots to licensing and consultation services, we wish you all the best in the new year ahead.

Live vibrant,

Sheila and Walt Dietrich