10 Reasons Why LivSpoons Make Your Life Easier

Friday, March 2, 2018

It is fun to read all the reviews about why people are loving our LivSpoons. So many of the reviews include how the LivSpoon has made their lives easier and more convenient when they are measuring and serving for recipes and meals. Some talk about the ways they love using them for baking, canning and other everyday activities, like feeding their dogs just right portions. We've also heard that LivSpoons allow some to down size and de-clutter their lives.

Here is the collective list of the Top 10 Reasons people see LivSpoons making their lives easier:

  1. Easy to hold
  2. Hang on the side of the bowl as I am preparing a meal
  3. Subtle way to track my portions
  4. No messy clean up—the mess stays in the bowl
  5. Measurements are etched on the bottom of the spoon so easy to find and read…but subtle
  6. Well made and sturdy
  7. Act as an extra pair of hands in the kitchen as I am measuring up items for a recipe
  8. Great for entertaining
  9. Don’t have to fish for my LivSpoon in a serving bowl like I do any other spoon that gets lost and messy inside my bowl
  10. Makes right-sized servings look plentiful while making the measuring up of foods effortless

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Enjoy! And Live Vibrant!  

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