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Friday, September 4, 2015

Mighty-Making Green Monkey Smoothie -- a Kid-Friendly Recipe

Green Monkeys LOVE vegetables!

This smoothie is a great way to drink your vegetables! It is so packed with good nutrition you’ll be ready to zoom around on your bike or climb on monkey bars! 

Serves 2  

1 cup cold water 
¼ cup finger carrots 
4 leaves of green kale, leaves peeled off 
1 cup cucumber, skin on, cut into big chunks 
1 cup (or one small) Granny Smith apple, cut into big chunks 
2 tablespoons instant sugar-free banana cream pudding (such as Jell-O) 
1 packet (or ¼  teaspoon) stevia 
1 cup crushed ice 

1. Add water then each ingredient one at a time into a blender with its top on and the center hole open.  
2. Add crushed ice lat once all other ingredients are mixed together. 
3. Serve immediately. Divide evenly for 2- 8 ounce servings or 1-16 ounce serving.

 To make smoothie drinking even more fun and enjoyable for kids check out the Kidliga Sammie & Sax dish set that is all about making healthy eating for kids a natural way of life.