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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hobbies Are Good For Your Healthy

You may have seen my blog on how our family was watching too much TV.  One of the things I realized was that we had substituted watching television for being involved in a hobby. I sat down to think about what I do that would constitute a hobby and what I once did or might like to learn that could be added to the list. My range of interests is broad. I like to read and cook; I like to draw pictures, write poetry and listen to music; I also like to hike, snowshoe, workout  at the "Y" and bicycle with my husband. Going to lectures in the evening is also fun. My issue, it seems, is not a lack of interests but more the challenge of incorporating them into my evenings. My next goal is to incorporate fun activities, including playing games with family, into my evenings each week.

The reality is that I need a cadre of activities to keep me occupied so I don't become bored and overeat. I also discovered that Hobbies can be good for your healthy in a variety of ways. Here is what I found out (Importance of Hobbies) :

How can Hobbies help with your health? Having hobbies can help you keep busy so you are not overeating, they can lower your blood pressure, provide a release from stress, and keep your mind and body active. Want to quit smoking or drinking? Want to feel more interested in life, a sense of accomplishment? Find some Hobbies. Your hobbies will be unique to you; find things you are good at, you have always wanted to learn, or bring back something you did years ago. They can range anywhere from: crafts, games, art, music, writing, pets, gardening, and exercise.

Hobbies such as, sports, exercise, and gardening, are forms of physical activity, providing movement for the body. This movement helps to tone and stretch the muscles, balance the blood sugar, lower the blood pressure, reduce stress and rid the body of toxins. Some of these can be done out in nature; connecting with nature has been shown to have great health benefits. Activities like: hiking, camping, gardening, or even a walk in the park, are great examples.

Animals are also important to health. Taking care of and bonding with them, requires learning, activity and opening yourself up to love. Animals have been known to lower blood pressure, provide laughter and to even help people with disabilities open up. Laughter has been shown to provide many health benefits, such as: lowering blood pressure, helping digestion and keeping you young.

Art and music and writing have been used for therapy; it has been shown that developing our creative side is so valuable for overall health. Singing requires one to breath deeply, bringing more oxygen into the lungs and cells of the body. Writing allows us to express our feelings and creativity. Art, allows us to de-stress and to express ourselves; all three provide a sense of accomplishment (Hobbies & Health).

Hobbies are great when you are trying to quit smoking, drinking, overeating, or other bad habits. Take up new hobbies instead of the bag of chips; Start today to keep your mind and body active. The latest studies show, we can develop new pathways in our brain, so start learning new hobbies today.

The challenge is on...for all the right now to start exploring and fitting the fun in at night!

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