New Year, Healthier You!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Crazy Squirrels Adding to the Exercise Challenge

Walking the dogs at this time of year is CRAZY MAKING! Since it is that time of year when the squirrels are scurrying around gathering up their winter store of nuts they are everywhere. This is hard on my two Springer Spaniels. They love to run after anything that moves...and they particularly like the challenge of animals that run across the street, run up trees and make angry clicking noises at them from the branches. The hard part is having them on leash as their primal instincts kick in. There is no time for having those peaceful wandering thoughts or problem solving moments. They can be lethal when the dogs go charging. Nope this is the time to be present...every moment of our walks.

I started to get cranky the other day, thinking about how much I hate this time of year because of how hard it is to control the dogs on leash as well as how much harder it is on my body because of their charging forward snapping my arm and shoulder as I attempt to rein them in. But then I realized how they are the perfect reminder of how glorious the change in seasons are. They are the ultimate enthusiasts....wagging their tails, whimpering with glee and charging forward in celebration of the annual chase. This brought a smile to my face realizing they were my reminder to be present, take notice and do a little celebrating myself as I notice the frenetic squirrels, the turning leaves, the softer light and the balmy breezes. Yep, its fall and I am loving it!