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Binge Eating "Safe" Food for Potato Chips

February 05, 2014

You can't just eat one, can you? Neither can I! That is why when we are in the mood to binge and there is a bag of chips begging to be opened in our pantry, it is better to choose a chip that is healthier for us but has that same crunchy, one-after-the-other, stuff-your-face sensation.

For sheer crispy, crunchy deliciousness, the potato chip is tough to beat. It’s no wonder, then, that Americans spend more than $7 billion a year on the salty snack. Not coincidentally, it’s also one of the top dietary contributors to weight gain, according to a recent Harvard study.

But rather than lecture ourselves on our naughty chip-chomping habit, it is important to know their are healthier alternatives to potato chips. One such choice is store-bought soy crisps which is a gluten-free alternative. Most varieties of crisps mix soy with puffed rice for a light, airy consistency. They have about a third fewer calories than potato chips and way less fat. There is also a lot more protein in them so they are ultimately more satisfying, One such choice is Newman's Own Organics Soy Crisps.

Chip nutrition facts:
Type                                    calories per serving       calories per bag    protein     salt           fat 
Kettle Chips                        150                                1,275                     2g            115mg      9g
Quaker Popped                   130                                780                        2g            400mg      5g
Newman's Own Soy           110                                660                        9g            650mg      2.5g

If you can't avoid the binge, then make sure the food you have on hand that is traditionally your "binge food" fits the bill both in form as well as substance. Soy chips are the better alternative for the classic potato chip. You can eat the whole bag without permanently expanding your waist line or triggering the self loathing that usually follows.

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