5 Tips To Avoid Over Snacking

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

5 Tips To Avoid Over Snacking (photo by LivligaHome).

Hot summer months are ripe for over eating. Our kids are out of school, often bored, and have constant access to snacky foods. With 17% of US children now living a life of obesity there are many ways to change unhealthy habits and encourage healthy eating.
Snacks can have a big impact on our children's health and weight. Taking steps to make it easier to provide healthier choices for our ourselves and our kids is key. Since parents are the role models for thier kids, we need to model healthy habits too. With a little planning and prepping we can make snacktime a fun and healthy experience.

Here are 5 Tips To Avoid Over Snacking:

1. Pre-plan and pre-organize your snacks. Make sure there are plenty of colorful cut up vegetables and healthy dips in the front of your refrigerator.

 2. Avoid buying packaged snacks. Instead package your own to grab-and-go with to the pool, sports activities, travel, picnics or a friend’s backyard barbecue.

 3. Think about when you want to eat snacks during the day and set a specific time when you and your children will enjoy them. This way you avoid grazing throughout the day.

 4. Be in control of your snacks or appetizers. When invited to a friend’s house or spending hours at an after school sports event, offer to bring the snack, that way you can be in control of what you eat. You can choose to provide a healthy alternative.

 5. Drink a lot of water. It is hot outside and we need to drink more water. Sometimes our feelings of hunger are actually because we are dehydrated. Before you choose to eat a snack…or any meal, always drink a glass or two of water. Encourage your children to do the same. Everyone will feel fuller and will avoid dehydration as well as over snacking.

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