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Friday, November 27, 2015

Enjoy Giving the Gift of Health
 This is a fun time of year when we can dream of the gifts we would like to receive as well as those gifts we would like to give. There are so many possibilities. As I have focused more and more on healthy living I have come to realize that the greatest gifts we can give ourselves and those we love is a Gift of Health.

Here are some ideas of Healthy Gifts you can put on your own wish list or give to those on your gift list this year:
Livliga Dinnerware~ These beautiful sets of dishware are artist designed and come in different patterns so you can choose your favorite. Right-sized with serving sizes subtly built in, they are perfect for those wanting to embrace and live a healthy lifestyle. Choose between two patterns: Hälsa or Vivente; and set sizes: individual ($49.95) or a service for four ($198.95).

Gift ensemble idea: include festive napkins for some added holiday flair.
Livliga Aveq Wine Glasses~ Who knew a right-sized wine glass could look so beautiful AND full with your favorite wine? These beauties come in a set of four and have a gorgeous etched design with subtle fill lines for pouring the perfect amount of wine. So gorgeous they were named as 2014 Martha Stewart Made in America Finalists! They come in a set of four ($49.95). 

Gift ensemble idea: pick a bottle of memorable red wine to add to your gorgeous gift.
Livliga Aveq Beverage Glasses~ This set of 4 gracefully designed etched glasses make drinking your everyday beverages more enjoyable. They fit nicely in the hand and you can’t beat the fact they are chip resistant and dishwasher safe ($44.95).

Gift ensemble idea: include a growler of beer from your local brewery to add to the merriment of your gift giving.
Livliga Set of 4 Dinner plates~ This set of four Livliga dinner plates makes a great gift for fresh starts, New Year beginnings or your favorite college student. It even includes a “Get Started” booklet, which is handy to help someone get organized for healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. You can choose between two patterns according to colors and designs, encouraging personal style and preference ($60.00).

Gift ensemble idea: provide an additional resource to go with the new set of dishes. We recommend Slim By Design, the latest book from Dr. Brian Wansink.
Livliga Set of 4 Side Plates~ Snacking can be the biggest down fall in our daily eating routine. The Livliga side plate makes it easy to measure out snacks and desserts to enjoy in right sized portions. Their shape, size and design even make those delectable nibbles look plentiful and feel satisfying. Don’t forget to pick your favorite pattern ($50.00)!

Gift ensemble idea: gift wrap them with Green Tea and cookies for a feel good gift.
Livliga Set of 4 Soup Bowls~ These bowls are a favorite. People love the shape and the attractive fill-lines inside the bowls. They make for easy measuring and when filled, the contents look so appealing and filling ($56.00).

Gift ensemble idea: Pair it with a homemade or store-bought dry soup-mix.
Livliga Set of 4 Mugs~ Enjoy these artist designed mugs which have lots of flair as well as discrete 8 ounce fill lines. Like all our dishes, they are made of porcelain and lead-free. You can enjoy giving this special set knowing our dedication to being as earth-friendly as possible ($48.00).

Gift ensemble idea: Complete the gift with a French Press Thermos and/or a pound of your favorite or seasonal coffee beans.
Aveq Serving Bowl~ The Aveq serving bowl coordinates with both the Hälsa & Vivente dinnerware patterns. Its lively, circular design is the perfect expression of the Livliga philosophy of “Living Vibrant.” Its VisualQs design makes 4 – 8 servings look plentiful so when you serve from the bowl onto a Livliga plate everyone will see they are being served a perfect portion of plentiful food ($47.95).

Gift ensemble idea: Make it the ultimate Gift of Health with a perfectly paired set of LivSpoons. It will make you the most popular gift giver this year!
LivSpoons~ These are innovative and original serving spoons with measurement. Designed to be both practical and beautiful, they make measuring your food easy and natural to do by having a set of 4 spoons in standard serving sizes. You can enjoy using them in the kitchen, on a buffet or at your dinner table. Eating healthy has now been made effortlessly mindful with LivSpoons. Gift Alert: you’ll want two—one for you and one for the person on your gift list ($49.95)!

Gift ensemble idea: Include the Aveq Serving bowl with these fabulous LivSpoons for a memorable and ever useful gift.
Gift Certificate~ Can’t decide what to give? Or needing a last minute gift without the worry of delivery? We have the ideal solution—A Livliga Gift Certificate. You decide the amount and your special person gets the gift of their choice. You have the option to have gift certificates sent via email or regular mail (starting at $15.00).

Gift ensemble idea: No need for anything more! Just place the gift certificate in a holiday card, gift bag or gift box to add to the surprise and delight of receiving this thoughtful present.

Healthy Gifts for Children:

Sammie and Sax in the Land of Quinoa: The Search for a Balanced Meal~ Get the kids in your life engaged in learning about healthy living early on. This award-winning book is just the way to get started. It is a fun, beautifully illustrated, interactive children’s book ideal for ages 4-8. This book is a winner of the 2013 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award for health issues ($17.95)

Gift ensemble idea: This pairs wonderfully with the Sammie and Sax tabletop puzzle for more play filled enjoyment.
Kidliga: Sammie and Sax 3 pc portion control place setting~ This is a place setting with visually intuitive portion control built right in using the characters from the Sammie and Sax book. It is subtle, fun and effective, helping children teach themselves about balanced meals and the types of food that make us live a healthy life. The set comes in either pink or blue and includes the Sammie and Sax book for the perfect fun-packed gift of health. Ideal for ages 4-8 ($49.95).

Gift ensemble idea: Add the Sammie and Sax tabletop puzzle for more hours of healthy fun and enjoyment.
Sammie and Sax tabletop puzzle~ Looking for something fun for the kids to do when they are hanging out that might subtly reinforce healthy eating habits? This puzzle provides just that. Fun for any age and ideal for children ages 4 to 8 ($17.95).

Gift ensemble idea: Complete the fun and healthy gift giving by buying a Kidliga 3 pc set, in either blue or pink, which includes the award winning book for hours of fun and effortless learning.

Happy Healthy Holidays! May you give and get the Gifts of Health!

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