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Friday, December 11, 2015

Food Tastes Better When We Share It With Friends
At this time of year when we tend to go to more parties, spend more time with family and friends, and even lend an extra hand to those in need, it is interesting to note that just by being present we are making a positive impact on people’s lives and even our own. It does make a difference when we spend time with others. According to recent research, when you share with others you are more likely to enjoy whatever you are experiencing, like a bite of chocolate, more. When we do things with others we tend to enjoy the activity more.

According to new research, experiences both good and bad feel more intense when they are shared. In a limited study at Yale University, individual subjects were given two pieces of chocolate and put in a room with a researcher who was pretending to be a fellow participant. The subjects ate one piece of the chocolate at the same time as the “planted” participant and the second piece alone, while the researcher pretended to work on another task. Even though the chocolate was from the same candy bar, the volunteers consistently rated the first piece as tastier and more enjoyable. To test the effects of negative emotions, researchers conducted the same test with bitter, unpleasant chocolate. Once again, the subjects rated the first piece—which they ate with someone else—as more disgusting than the piece they ate solo. “When people think of shared experience, what usually comes to mind is being with others, such as friends or family, and talking with them,” lead researcher Erica Boothby tells The Washington Post. “We don’t realize the extent to which we are influenced by people around us whom we don’t know and aren’t even communicating with.”

Despite the hassles, hubbub and hangovers of this time of year, this research reminds us that sharing time and special moments with others is the best part of the holidays, what is enjoyed the most, and the greatest gift we can give.

Happy Holidays! Enjoy! And as always, Live Vibrant! 

Source: The Week, October 23, 2014

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