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Refueling after a Workout--focus on high protein snacks

June 10, 2016

Post-Workout SnacksDuring the winter most of my workouts happen inside with the exception of some days where I snowshoe or have the good fortune to experience a warm winter day with sunshine that is good enough for a bike ride.
As the days get longer and warmer I spend more time outside. We garden a lot and look forward to longer bike rides, kayaking, hiking and swimming.  We burn many more calories. I've learned that it is important to refuel after a big expenditure of energy. You always need to drink a big glass of water...or two and you need a high protein post-workout snack.

My friend Molly Morgan RD who is a well known and regarded Registered Dietitian has helped design an infographic that highlights great protein sources for a good refuel. I've also included a couple of links if you are interested in going online and ordering up some healthy snacks to have on hand from a family-owned and operated As a co-founder of a family run company myself, I always like supporting a like-minded company focused on health and high-quality.

And as a helpful hint from Livliga: don't forget to portion out your snacks and put them on a right-sized plate.

Livliga Celebrate Line
Enjoy your perfectly portioned snack on a Celebrate side plate!
Looking for just the right plate? Livliga offers a side plate in three patterns (so be sure to pick the one you love best) perfectly designed for portioned snacks. Not only are they beautiful, artist-designed dishes, they are also packed full of science so you'll feel fuller at the end of your snack and satisfied.

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