How can it be manageable to eat well and live with diabetes?

Friday, May 19, 2017

celebrate line of Livliga Getting control of our food environment seems to be the number one challenge for all of us. It is the cornerstone for managing our health. It is not only how much we eat but also what we eat. Most of us know what we need to do. The challenge is doing it in a world that is super-sized, focused on all things food and with no frame of reference for what is right-sized and healthier for us.

For those living with diabetes or diagnosed with being pre-diabetic, which combined are now one-third of the population in the US , it is also all about blood glucose levels.

When asked in a recent online exchange what the biggest daily challenge was as a person who lives with diabetes, one person answered:

Most people would say that the biggest challenge is keeping blood glucose levels in range. Why is it important? Because it's the high blood glucose levels over time that lead to complications of diabetes.
Why is it a challenge? Because *everything* affects blood glucose levels! Food obviously impacts blood glucose levels, but in addition, the GI of food and nutrient composition will affect the rate of impact. 
It comes back to knowing what you are eating and the amount of what you are eating. Foods have to be measured in order to calculate the impact the food you will be eating will have on your insulin levels. This never goes away. It is a constant reality for everyone living with diabetes.
As someone else stated about the daily challenges of living with diabetes:

Diet. Oh my gosh I am not a diet type of person. Diabetics are supposed to have low sugar, low salt, low fat diet. Well, I can't. I love food too much (well, I love GOOD food too much), and salt is definitely my best friend. So, I slip up with my diet fairly often, which results in potentially dangerous situations. Not so fun :)

The answer to eating well and living well with diabetes is all about controlling our food environment.  We have to make it manageable and doable to eat good food and in right-sized amounts. Preparing our own food at home is a great way to control what foods we eat and what ingredients go into those foods. This is true whether we need foods for on-the-go meals or for sit down meals at home for ourselves, with family and with friends. 

Livliga dinnerwareLivliga Celebrate Dinnerware

Livliga Halsa dinnerwareLivliga Vivente DinnerwareIn order to succeed long term we have to create a food environment that is healthy for us to live in. Livliga is a tableware company created for just this purpose—to right-size our food environment. Every piece of tableware has subtle measurement built in. This way no matter what we consume we’ll know what amount it is. Every thing has been designed to be beautiful and yet subtle so we will want to use it at every meal and with our family and friends. There is no need to prepare and measure our food separately because it is built in to the dinnerware. Best of all the dishware is designed to make right-sized amounts of food look plentiful so we can feel satisfied with right sized amounts of food. We never have to feel deprived or denied. How wonderful to have tableware designed for our needs that is artist-designed and science-based! There are even different patterns to choose from so we have colors and designs that suit us and our décor! 

Just because you live with diabetes doesn’t mean you shouldn’t surround yourself with beautiful and helpful tools. In fact you deserve it! Finally there is a whole suite of products designed to help you live in a healthy, appealing food environment just for you!

The world around us may still be super-sized and focused on decadent foods but we can control our own home and create a healthy food environment to support our eating well and living well…one healthy, right-sized bite at a time.

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