Making Happy and Healthy Memories for the Holidays

Thursday, November 23, 2017

So many of our happy memories are wrapped around the holidays. We remember special conversations, gifts that were given, an activity unique to the occasion and, of course, the smells of delicious foods from the kitchen, the wonder of the dishes presented and the tastes of our favorites bringing smiles to our faces. These memories compel us to want to repeat them and make those memories into traditions we can look forward to year after year.

The challenge comes when we want to live a healthy lifestyle and know that some of the traditions, particularly around food, need some changing.  We are afraid of the resistance we might get from others, including ourselves, when the time honored family recipe is updated (like my beloved poppy seed bread) or the holiday fudge doesn’t appear. The reality is we can’t be afraid to change things up, make new traditions, and share our desire for healthy living with others, even during the holidays.

Making happy and healthy memories does not mean giving up those special foods only made during the holidays or giving up being with the ones you love or throwing away that ugly Christmas sweater you get a kick out of wearing to the family gathering.

What it does mean is creating an environment setting you up for success. It also means being fully present at each occasion. Additionally, we need to consciously make choices and be mindful as we drink and eat, purposefully choosing. And who says we can’t make the slices of poppy seed bread a little thinner?…who will even notice? And maybe instead of making that extra sweet potato casserole so everyone can have second and third helpings, we make just enough for everyone to enjoy.

Then consider the possibility of adding a healthy new tradition into the mix. What about a new festive drink that is tasty and lighter in alcohol and calories like a Rosemary Tequila Lime Smash? Or provide FitVine wine that is lower in calories and healthier for you. Another fun tradition is to participate in a local holiday Walk/Run or go to your local YMCA to join in on a free Zumba class (they offer free workout classes from kickboxing to spinning to Zumba each Thanksgiving).

These are simple examples of how we can add “healthy” into our holiday traditions still focusing on making happy memories and holding on to the importance of traditions…just making them ones we can enjoy long term, as healthy and happy people.

Wishing you the happiest and healthiest of holidays!

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