Like-Minded Businesses: Dawn Hurlebaus and Slimpressions

Wednesday, August 15, 2018
Dawn Hurlebaus

There are so many wonderful aspects to the journey I am on as an entrepreneur developing and building a healthy lifestyle business. The best is meeting the other entrepreneurs who are also attending health-focused conferences as they too are sharing their invention and company. As is most often the case, we all have developed our products out of a personal need and awareness of how we can help others enjoy life more and live more healthfully.

Dawn Hurlebaus is a woman I greatly admire. She purchased the company Slimpressions out of her own personal need as a WLS post-op with an understanding of how she could help others. Here is how she tells the story.

Candidly, our leap into the body shaper industry was inspired by a personal need after an embarrassing moment.  When dropping her children off at preschool, Amy Pedersen waved to a friend.  Unfortunately, when she stopped waving, her arm (sadly) did not. There was simply nothing on the market to solve this issue. Knowing Amy wasn’t the only woman with this kind of drama, a business idea was born. Women really longed was a body shaper that slimmed and sculpted jelly belly, muffin top, back fat AND arm flab. Finding a body slimmer for the midsection that actually stayed in place had been a challenge for most women.

After three years of research and development including soliciting input from women of all shapes and sizes, co-Founders Amy Pedersen and Jennifer Daniels proudly launched Slimpressions’ patented designs The Haves and The Have Nots to meet this need.

Since inception, the company has grown substantially over the years expanding the product line and shipping internationally.  Recognized by top stylists and fashion magazines like InStyle, Redbook, O – The Oprah Magazine and more, Slimpressions has become a trusted brand for women with loose skin who want to look and feel their best every day – not just on special occasions. 

Dawn is an advocate for women on their weight loss journey. She had bariatric surgery July 1, 2016 weighing 340lbs, bought Slimpressions 4 months later, and is connected on a very personal level with the weight loss community. Her mission is quite simple, to help women feel more confident. She is extremely active in the online support groups, consistently motivates and inspires others, and is often found mentoring those who need additional support. “I am walking this journey with so many people”, says Dawn. “I have a great opportunity… the ability to touch lives every day.” Dawn has a beautiful soul and spirit and lives her life personally and professionally giving back.

Because of meeting and getting to know Dawn and so many other wonderful people who are helping all of us live our lives as our healthiest selves, we at Livliga want to celebrate these like-minded businesses and share their stories with our friends and followers too. How wonderful to feature other people’s talents, passions and businesses in a way that helps us all and helps us build a world where we help each other as women helping women and all of us helping spread the word about great people and terrific products.

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