How Livliga Got Featured in Six Books

Friday, June 21, 2019

Adventures of a Healthy Lifestyle Start-Up: How Livliga Got Featured in Six Books

Livilga is so fortunate to be featured and positively mentioned in a number of books related to health and wellness as well as entrepreneurship.  We are very honored that this has happened. In just the few years we have been building our brand and offering our product we have been mentioned in 6 such books. Remarkably, three of those books have been published just in the first half of 2019!

A number of people have asked me how this happened. Honestly, this is nothing we sought out or had any control over.  If there is one thing that I could look back at and say had an influence on our being considered is my being responsive when people made inquires about our product, asked us for samples for consideration, or even requested information about the company. I always made sure I made time to respond.

You never know where a chance introduction or networking opportunity will lead. That is certainly the case with Livliga. The partnerships we have developed and the relationships with professionals in the field we have had the opportunity to nurture have caused our product to be considered relevant in a number of ways. These touchpoints have allowed experts in the health and wellness world to understand the benefits and pertinence of Livliga to their constituents. To be mentioned and featured in such far-ranging books as The Pocket Carbohydrate Counter Guide for Diabetes, Finally Full Finally Slim and The Diabetes Cookbook for Electric Pressure Cookers is a testament to the relevance of our product for people needing and wanting to live a healthy lifestyle whether they are focusing on weight management, are living with a health condition, or want to maximize their quality of life.

When the Grommet first introduced themselves to us they told us they were looking for products that were “disruptive,” meaning that the product would cause someone to see something differently or do something differently. They saw our product as meeting both those criteria. What our product asks someone to do is to change his or her behavior around food. We are a paradigm shifter. A few years later we are proud that the two books the founders of the Grommet have written—Makers Who Made It and How We Make Stuff Now—have both included Livliga’s story. Another book on entrepreneurship that included Livliga is called Main Street Entrepreneur by Michael Glauser. We have always welcomed the opportunity to share our story in hopes that it will be relevant and can help other entrepreneurs and their start-ups succeed.

Being mentioned and featured by others is not only flattering, it is validating. To be a young company that has been discovered and showcased as having been innovative, disruptive, and helpful to others, is not only gratifying but also motivating. We want to live up to the belief others have in us! It also allows those interested in our product to hear from professionals and experts about what we make and why they recommend it. This helps us grow and reach those who can benefit from our line of healthy lifestyle products.

Having been mentioned in so many books is an unexpected honor and benefit to our business. Networking with others and looking for ways to partner may help people discover and mention your brand. But first, you need to have a product that stands up to the test: Does it solve a problem? Is it innovative? Is it made well? Do people like it? Without these basics, there will be little interest in having it mentioned by others. We are proud of our product and how it has helped people. We are grateful that others in our industry have recognized what we have to offer and believe in it. 

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