Why Livliga Works—It's Nature-Inspired

Friday, February 28, 2020
Livliga Celebrate sidde plates in basket
Celebrate is a black and white bistro dinnerware design that has etchings of animals and plants found in nature and includes poetry to inspire a healthy lifestyle.

Nature is so healing. The more the world around us is riddled with dramatic happenings, the demands on our time and emotions are intense, and where we can often feel helpless to control events, our salvation is getting back to nature.

Up-close Vivente Dinner Plate Pattern
 Vivente, is reminiscent of grape tendrils and growing, healthy plants, in a classic dinnerware pattern.

Livliga is based off of natural elements and is focused on featuring those elements and themes to support everyone in living a healthier lifestyle. Each pattern evokes thoughts and visual expressions of what inspires us in nature. All are a collection of invigorating and restorative hues designed to infuse vitality and life.

Even current color trends are all about building a calmer, more soothing environment in our homes.  We live in such a stressful, fast-paced world that our homes have become all about a comfortable place that soothes, energizes and replenishes. The source of the inspiration is Nature. The colors are inspired by the natural elements of sky, earth, water, and plant life.

Bold Halsa Dinner Plate Design
Hälsa, which literally means “good health” in Swedish, is a bold design in various hues of blue evocative of the natural elements of the sky and the sea beautifully incorporated into a portion control dinnerware pattern that encourages you to be healthy and mindful when eating in order to support a vibrant lifestyle.

All of Livliga’s designs are nature-inspired.  Each of our designs reflects a different aspect of nature. Halsa is of the sky and sea; Vivente is of plant life and expresses the vitality of growing things; and Celebrate is of the earth, animal life, and plant life in its healthiest, most balanced form. The Aveq pattern reminds us of colorful wildflowers along a bubbling brook.

Mindfulness is a cornerstone of Livliga’s effectiveness. A growing practice of Japanese forest-bathing, or shinrin-yoku, has shown that spending time being present and mindful in nature is proven to reduce blood pressure, stress levels, and heart disease. Livliga reflects this inside your home with our designs and colors intended to create a calm, positive and supportive food environment that is enjoyable, nourishing, and satisfying.

Livliga Aveq Serving Bowl
The Aveq pattern is a contemporary design that is both whimsical and inspiring. With its flower-like design of circles and dots it uplifts the spirit and makes each meal more joyful and enjoyable. The colors used in the porcelain pieces remind us of a wildflower meadow next to a clear blue stream. Alive with color yet serene in its effect.

Many cultures have long recognized the importance of the natural world to human health. We also know the proven health benefits. Increasingly, we have witnessed the consequences of consuming foods that have been altered by harmful man-made chemicals or are highly processed and highly refined. Livliga reminds us of how we can embrace nature and live a health-filled life by eating balanced meals made of whole foods in right-sized amounts.

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