Why Livliga Works—It Makes Food Look Plentiful

Friday, March 27, 2020

We eat with our eyes, not our stomach. Remember the phrase, "Your eyes are bigger than your stomach?" It is true! In the super-sized world we live in our eyes are constantly being cued to overeat. Livliga’s VisualQs Philosophy is all about helping everyone experience right-sized servings as plentiful. It is science-based and artist designed to make it easy to serve up just right portions in a subtle way and also make those portions look plentiful.

Livliga Psychology Behind the Plate

Nineteenth century scientists Delboeuf and Ebbinghaus have shown us how visual illusion can be used for our benefit when it comes to seeing right-sized amounts of food as plentiful. Delboeuf, for instance, showed us that by putting a circle around a smaller circle we can make that inner, smaller circle look larger. That is why choosing a plate with a rim can help you serve up right-sized amounts of food and have it look plentiful. The Livliga plate is particularly useful because our plates have an extra wide rim that still looks in proportion to the overall right-sized “normal” looking plate.

Livliga Psychology Behind the Plate

Ebbinghaus showed us how smaller circles scrunched up close around a bigger circle compared to larger circles around the same sized inner circle, can make the inner circle look twice as big. This illusion is embedded into the Livliga dishes as the icons that also guide our serving sizes for the different food groups. Each circle has the effect of making the individual foods on the plate look plentiful so our eyes and mind perceive the food on our plate as enough, and therefore we can feel satisfied at the end of our meal.

Livliga Comparison Plate Halsa

Livliga is the answer to right-sized, mindful eating. There is no other product like this on the market. Our product is the only one that uses psychology to help you feel satisfied and perceive right-sized servings as plentiful. We are the patented mindful eating (some say—"portion control") dinnerware that supports you in living the healthy lifestyle you desire and deserve.

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