Why it is Time to Become Part of the Healthy Lifestyle Revolution

Friday, April 24, 2020

Those who are challenged with living with obesity and/or managing their weight because of specific health conditions often feel like the outliers. We don’t feel like we fit in and what we have to do is different than everyone else. We have to do things out-of-the-ordinary and everyone else gets to do things the way they want instead of doing it because they have to. We have to think about what we eat and how much we eat…at every meal.

How can we ever live in a world that supports us rather than works against us? We have to become the leaders of the change. We have to champion a Healthy Lifestyle Revolution!

Here is the truth…We own our health. We are often the managers of our family’s health. We are also the decision makers for the food we eat.

Why not make our knowledge, needs, and abilities part of a Healthy Lifestyle Revolution? We are the ones in the position to make it happen.

What we can do:

  • Talk about our commitment to a healthy lifestyle
  • Sign up and become part of like-minded support groups
  • Include people in our healthy lifestyle with our
    • Meals
    • Exercise
    • Sharing our thoughts and knowledge on Facebook and other social media through our community and groups
    • Get involved with organizations like the OAC to affect policy change to better the lives of those living with obesity
    • If we have kids, get involved with the PTA and how lunches and treats are planned to be healthy

The difference we can make:

  • Role modeling
  • Taking action to affect policy change
  • Help ourselves and others create new healthy habits that stick long term

The ultimate outcome we can demand as a community of like-minded healthy lifestyle advocates:

  • A world that focuses on health instead of body image
  • A world that eliminates super sized and instead offers choice within a right sized world
  • A world where those living with obesity receive the care they need and no longer face barriers because of weight bias
  • A world where all of us are part of the same community and no one feels marginalized or exists in the shadows because of the stigma around their weight or size 

Those of us who live with obesity and have committed to living life as our healthiest selves are already living the revolution. Now we need to share and promote a Healthy Lifestyle Revolution to make our world a healthier and better place to live for ourselves, the ones we love, and for our community.

Tip: Interested in more ways and specific tips on how to spearhead a lifestyle revolution? Check out this previous blog.

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