Why Livliga Works — It is a System

Friday, June 18, 2021

 Livliga is a System of Right-Sized Tableware

Why Livliga Works — It is a System

We are often asked not only “Why Livliga works” but also “Why is it unique.” There are three main reasons Livliga is unique. It is because it uses the psychology of eating in the actual design of the tableware. It also has built in measurement in each piece of the suite of dinnerware, serveware and glassware that makes up the line of product offered. But perhaps most importantly, it is designed as a system. Together the Livliga suite of tableware acts as a system to make it effortlessly mindful to eat healthful portions.

Livliga has three patents. One of those patents is specifically for the unique system we have created with our right-sized tableware. Nowhere can you find dishes and drinkware, muchness serveware, like serving spoons, that are all right-sized and designed to work together to serve up just right portions. In the supersized world we live in everything we use tends to be oversized which makes serving up standard servings impossible. 

Livliga is a system where each piece has measurement built in

To make right-sized eating an every-meal and daily habit you need a system of right-sized beautiful tableware that makes it a pleasant, possible, and satisfying experience. Livliga makes it an achievable process that can become a lifestyle of healthy living.

Bottom line, Livliga offers a suite of products all designed to work well together and provide a system of right-sized tableware to support mindful eating as well as your health and wellness goals. Interested in finding out more information? Visit the product use page on our website and then take time to discover all the designs we have and choose the one you love the most to use mindfully in your healthy lifestyle!

Livliga is a system of tableware for a healthy lifestyle


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