Why Livliga Works - Helps Right Size Your Eyes!

Friday, September 17, 2021
Livliga Helps Right Size Your Eyes By Right Sizing Our Plates

Our eyes make all the decisions about the food we eat. Our eyes send messages to our brain about the food we are eating…what it looks like and whether it looks like enough. These are visual cues. Unfortunately, our eyes can only perceive relative size and amounts. If we use large plates then it will take more food on that plate for our eyes to see the amount of food served up as enough. If we place a smaller amount of food on a large plate our eyes will perceive it as puny.

We live in a super-sized world. This means our frame of reference for portion sizes is super-sized too. We have no idea what right-sized amounts of food looks like. In fact, when you ask someone what a standard recommended serving size is for something like mashed potatoes, what do you think they will say? Most often, we have found, they will say it is a cup. Actually, the standard serving is ½ cup for mashed potatoes and all carbohydrates. This is always an eye-opener.

Standard Serving Size of Mashed Potatoes os 1/2 Cup

That is why Livliga was created, to help right size our eyes when it comes to portion sizes and also to provide the guide to serve up those right-sized portions. We do it with the design of the dishware. First, each dish has been right-sized. For instance, instead of a 12 - 14 inch plate you can buy at places like Ikea, our plates are “normalized” at 10.5 inches in size. They don’t look small…they look “just right.” We are also right-sizing your food environment. Every dish has been specifically designed to be perfectly portioned to make all servings look plentiful.

Some might wonder why the size of the plate…or bowl…or mug matters…the reason is that it better frames the food served up on the dish, making it look more plentiful. It is important that our eyes perceive the food we eat as enough. If we don’t, what do you imagine we will think and do? Typically, we will feel deprived and denied. And when we feel we are not getting enough, we will end up serving ourselves more and ultimately overeating. This is why we get stuck in the pattern of overeating and not living the healthy lifestyle we want.

Livliga provides a complete suite of right sized products for a healthy lifestyle

Livliga has created an entire suite of product that works as a system to normalize food quantities so that you can serve up perfect portions for a healthy lifestyle. This is so innovative that we now have 3 patents and 3 national awards. More importantly, we have satisfied customers who tell us how well it works for them.

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