Livliga Makes Great Gift Giving for a Healthy Lifestyle!

Sunday, March 30, 2014


Livliga Makes Great Gift Giving for a Healthy Lifestyle

What greater gift is there than one that shows you care about the people you love? Livliga® and Kidliga® are beautifully designed and packaged in a way that makes them fantastic gifts for just about any occasion.

Let's start with gifts for our Moms—You know the question, "Who has had the most profound effect on you in your life?" The most common answer is- "My Mom!" There are so many reasons given from "she loves me unconditionally", "she taught me everything I know", "she was there for me when I needed her most" and "she inspires me". Livliga has the perfect gift for these amazing moms. Show her how you celebrate her everyday with our inspiring line- Celebrate: The Poetry of Life.

Livliga Celebrate line for gifts
Celebrate is available in a 16 piece set or in sets of 4 each of the dinner plates, side plates, bowls or mugs. You choose!


The LivSpoon® is a fantastic gift for those who love to cook, those who love to entertain and those who are just tired of servings spoons that have no measurement. They are the go-to-gift for anyone who likes a novel and innovative gift. They come in the original set of 4 or the complete set of 6 ergonomically designed spoons in standard measuring/serving sizes of 1 cup, ¾ cup, ½ cup, ⅓ cup, ¼ cup and ⅛ cup. With their special design feature—the double bend—you can hang the desired spoon on a bowl or pot either right-side up or upside down.

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Kidliga's Sammie & Sax 3pc set with award winning book is a popular gift for children's birthdays, a child's holiday present or as an original baby shower gift. It comes in both pink and blue.

Kidliga Set
Sammie and Sax 3pc set in pink
Kidliga dinnerware
Sammie and Sax 3pc set in blue

In addition to our Celebrate line, our Hälsa and Vivente dinnerware makes a great gift for college students with their first apartment or for those ready to create their first home. They are also a lovely gift for those making a fresh start.

Halsa dinnerware
Hälsa 4pc Individual Place Setting

Vivente Dinnerware
Vivente 4pc Individual Place Setting

It is easy to imagine adding Livliga to a wedding registry. Many weddings happen this time of year! Don't forget the Livliga glassware and serveware as items to include!

Celebrate dinnerware
Celebrate: The Poetry of Life, service for 4, offers 16 original designs and inspiring phrases perfect for newlyweds. For an original bridal party gift our 4 piece mug set is very popular

Vivente 16 piece set
Our Vivente 16pc set, service for 4 also makes a great wedding gift

Halsa Livliga dinnerware
Looking for more color? This Hälsa 16pc set, service for 4 is a fantastic choice for a wedding registry
The Livliga Glassware- Wine and Water are often chosen for birthday and hostess gifts. They come in sets of 4 for the perfect present.

portion control wine glass
Aveq Wine Glass with subtle fill lines

Aveq Water Glass
Aveq Water/Beverage Glass with 8 ounce fill line

Livliga mugs in sets of 4 make a thoughtful gift for work colleagues or those you want to thank in a special way like a teacher, service provider who has gone above and beyond or to give to a friend...just because.

The Poetry of Life line
Celebrate: The Poetry of Life, set of 4 mugs, each one is original

Vivente Mugs
Vivente Mugs, set of 4

Halsa Mugs
Hälsa Mugs, set of 4

 Looking to create a gift with a combination of Livliga product? We have the ideal answer! Check out our new Everyday Bundles and Seasonal Bundles. We have them specifically deisgned as bariatric-friendly and diabetes-friendly, family-friend choices as well as specifc seasonal choices that are bound to delight.

And for the person you want to get that special gift for, the Aveq Serving Bowl is an elegant solution. Add our Celebrate Dish Towels too!

Aveq Serving Bowl
Aveq Serving Bowl--elegant inside and out


All Livliga tableware is artist designed, eco-friendly and easy-to-use in everyday life. With their signature designs they make a great gift for those you love...including you! And did I mention you can have everything gift wrapped and include a personalized card? Perfect!

Can't decide what of the Livliga Designer Healthy Lifestyle Dinnerware to choose? Why not pamper them with a personalized gift certificate and let the lucky recipient choose? Now is a great time to stock up, think ahead and celebrate good health for you and your family!

Please help us spread the word about how Livliga is the best gift to give. It is easy to forward this blog with a click. We'd sure appreciate it!

Enjoy! And Live Vibrant!

Livliga Lifestyle
Livliga Lifestyle--made for Healthy Living

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