Great Book for Gift Giving–State of Slim

Wednesday, December 4, 2013
State of Slim

Great Book for Gift Giving–State of Slim

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I am always looking for good books to read and recommend. Usually I think of novels that provide a great escape that take me to a place where people overcome great odds, do the impossible and arrive at a happy ending. This year I am offering up the same kind of book…but in non-fiction. It is called State of Slim by James O. Hill, PhD, and Holly R. Wyatt, MD. This published work meets all the requirements of a great book and it has the facts, research and statistics to back it up. Some might call it a “diet” book or a “self-help” book. It is really a book about adopting and succeeding in living a healthy lifestyle.

The message of the book is all about the possible. It is based on years of research done at the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center , practical application and the results from actual participants in the National Weight Control Registry (NWCR).  From the very beginning it is an honest, straight-forward and concrete guide that provides advice gleaned from real people who have succeeded in losing weight, keeping it off and living a healthier lifestyle long-term.

Within the first pages of the book the authors explain “Most diets aim to stop bad habits. Ours focuses on instilling good ones.” What is the difference you might ask? It may seem subtle but it is based on creating a world you want and will enjoy living in where new habits reinforce your will power to make healthy choices automatic and mundane.

It is about establishing new habits, routines and rituals that build and sustain a healthy lifestyle. Included in the guide is an explanation of 6 key factors that make healthy living easy and manageable. They are “Be Active Every Day”, “Fuel Up on Real Food”, “Create Your Own Healthy Environment”, “Stay True to Your Purpose”, “Believe You Can Succeed” and, “Make Healthy Living Fun”. Examples of each are provided from true-life stories.

Just when you were losing hope and reaching for another cookie here is a book that will bring you real sustenance. Looking for a great book to give or receive? Put this one on your list!

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