Food Trends 2014--How Food Labeling Fits In

Friday, June 20, 2014
 How will our food choices be influenced in 2014?
Top Ten Countries Supporting Better Health Labeling on Food Items (Infographic by Carlos Monteiro)

An interesting article was recently posted by Melissa Hoffman on What you will be eating this year: The 2014 Food Trends in ADWEEK. How people think about food influences restaurants and food companies in how they label food and what they will offer. Health benefits have been found to be a big purchaser driver. According to the infographic from the article and offered above, those in the U.S. think enhanced food labeling would be beneficial but its importance is lower than the Top Ten listed. It is good to see a strong trend across the world where people are caring about knowing what we are putting in our bodies. It seems strange that the U.S. is not among the top countries with this increased awareness. Do we continue to be in denial?

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