Product Review--Zone PastaRX™--Protein Packed Pasta

Friday, April 17, 2015
Enjoying Meeting Dr. Sears at the Obesity Medicine Conference
My husband and I recently attended the American Society of Bariatric Physicians Obesity Medicine 2015 conference. It was our first time to attend this conference. One of our booth neighbors was Dr. Sears with his Zone Labs products. Every day during the conference he served up lunch from his booth. He graciously offered us lunch too. I was curious and thought I would try some.

The amazing thing about the Zone PastaRX™ is that it is packed full of protein. 20 grams of it per serving, to be precise.  Regular, store bought pasta has about 7 grams. This is an incredible difference. With that much protein in the product it keeps you fuller for longer. Zone Labs makes the claim that it will keep you full for 5 hours.
Zone PastaRX™ has an amazing amount of protein in it--20 grams!
What did I experience? I did feel full after I ate the pasta. Really full. And that was just with the pasta and some veggies in a marinara sauce. No meat added. The pasta was attractive fusilli and looked just like any other pasta. With so much protein in the pasta, it is easy to go vegetarian which I find an added benefit as we strive to eat more and more meatless meals.
My bowl of Zone PastaRX™ Fusilli with Vegetables in a light Marinara Sauce
The calories for the Zone Labs pasta are a little higher than the standard store bought pasta. For a ½ cup serving of a standard pasta there are 210 calories. The same sized serving of Zone PastaRX™ is 240. It is not much of a difference for a whole lot more protein. And if you do not add meat to the pasta sauce and choose a light version, you can have a meal under 300 calories. Add a few tasty veggies and you can still hit that mark or close to it.

On the surface of it, the pasta seems expensive. One bag of pasta is $12.76. If you buy 4 bags at once it is a little less expensive at $47.96. When you do the math, however, which I did, the cost per serving at the $47.96 price is only $1.50. Looked at in this way, it is an affordable food. I also saw on the website that they are currently offering a $10 discount with a promo code on the orzo which makes it an even better deal.

It may not be organic or gluten free but it meets the mark for a healthier food when you still want to enjoy a pasta meal that helps you live a healthier lifestyle. I consider it a new find worthy of sharing.

Enjoy! And Live Vibrant!

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