Reflections on Sustaining a Healthy Marriage

Friday, May 15, 2015

Reflections on Sustaining a Healthy Marriage (photo by LivligaHome)
It is true. I am one of the lucky ones. I married my soul mate. After 33 years of marriage (our anniversary is today) I remain incredibly attracted to this man. I don’t agree that you give up on romance the longer you are in a marriage. Not only is my husband my best friend he is also my amazing lover. Believe me, they are not mutually exclusive.

Sometimes I like to reflect on why I feel or think the way I do about something. So, why does my husband remain so interesting and sexy to me? I don’t think it is just one thing. First off, we are both very compatible and yet we are very different.

Several of our friends have remarked that my husband and I seem so considerate and respectful of each other. This sort of surprised me. How the two of us interact with each other is something I think I have taken a little bit for granted. It wouldn’t occur to me to act towards him any other way. But why? I think it is because I value his intelligence as well as how he thinks. He is honestly the most intelligent person I have ever known. No joke. I really value his opinion.
Working together at NY NOW (photo by LivligaHome)
Another big part of our lives has been embracing change. We have done a lot of morphing both in our personal and professional lives. Both of us, since we have been around a while, have had multiple careers. Now we are in a start up together. And as we have gotten older we value our health, both in mind and body, more and more. This means we dedicate time and resources to living a healthy lifestyle. We work out together, we take weekend bike rides together and we love to hike in the Rocky Mountains. Fortunately, we both want to be healthy eaters, even though we are hardcore foodies. This means we often cook together and willingly explore new recipes and healthier menus, like cooking vegetarian. If only one of us wanted to do these things it wouldn’t be as successful or fun.
On to a new adventure--kayaking! (photo by LivligaHome)
For our anniversary this year we are going for yet another adventure. We bought kayaks! They were on sale as were the paddles and Life jackets. With all the knee problems I have been having, my husband came up with the great idea that we should take up kayaking. We are not taking on white waters yet, more like reservoirs, streams and lakes. I am so looking forward to a summer time of water adventures and seeing things from a new vantage point with my life partner.

Finally, I think another big part of enjoying our marriage is having fun together. It is important to us to find time to have fun. We look forward to it. Whether it is as simple as cuddling up together to watch TV, spending time cooking a meal, going on a bike ride or hike, having a date night, or traveling on holiday, we cherish that time together.

Cheers! (photo by LivligaHome)

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