Tips for Indulging in a Healthy Mother’s Day

Friday, May 8, 2015

Indulging in a Healthy Mother’s Day
Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate our mothers, being a mother and taking time to bask in a day of healthy enjoyment. I am all for indulging ourselves yet the more focused I have become on living a healthy lifestyle I have come to embrace the notion that “indulgences” do not have to be harmful to be fun, delightful and/or pampering. Somehow we have it in our heads that a day that is "all about me” is a day that becomes one of overindulgence. Feeling bloated, lethargic and having a headache plus a few extra pounds the next day is just not worth it. In fact, it simply reminds us that we went way past having fun the day before….whatever the excuse.

To make the day full of fun and fantastic activities with family and friends, or just you, here are          Ten Tips for Indulging in a Healthy Mother’s Day:
  1. Ask your kids to give you healthy gifts. Could be gardening gloves, an exercise DVD, bike shorts, a healthy cookbook or a gift certificate to a yoga class.
  2. Get the kids involved in making a healthy meal.  You can make the request and guide the activity, enjoying the time in the kitchen together.
  3. Fit in a “just me” activity. This can be soaking in a tub with a good book, lounging outside listening to your favorite music or going someplace for a massage or manicure.
  4. Make sure to talk to loved ones. On special days it is great to make the time to reach out to those you love. It is great for our soul. Having a conversation with someone you care about can be the best gift of all. Don’t wait for them to call, feel free to go ahead and pick up the phone!
  5. Learn something new. Having free time to think beyond the routine can be a great indulgence. It can be as simple as reading an informative article in a magazine, searching out a new recipe or downloading a brain game app on your phone and playing it. Whatever sounds fun and new to you.
  6. Go to the local Famer’s Market or an Ethnic Market and snoop around. You can find new foods to try, talk to famer’s about their crops and get recommendations for ways to prepare their fresh produce.
  7. Take a bike ride or go on a walk. This is a great way to be out, enjoying an activity and sharing it with someone you care about.
  8. Have a picnic. This is such an easy thing to do and can be combined with the bike ride or visit to the Farmer’s Market. And with music and books available on your phone you can also lounge awhile soaking up the deliciousness of the day.
  9. Enjoy gardening. Mother’s Day is at such a great time of year to enjoy your garden. You can get things planted, weed or fertilize. This is an activity that sets you up to have ongoing enjoyment for the whole summer.
  10. Indulge in a celebratory drink. After such a fun day sitting back and enjoying your favorite lite beer or making a healthy mixed drink, with or without alcohol, can be just the thing.

Here’s to a Happy, Healthy and Fun Mother’s Day!

Enjoy! And Live Vibrant!

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