There’s Something Greater Going On

Friday, August 21, 2015
The Might and Magic of Our World is a Tremendous Resource (photo by LivligaHome)

Have you ever thought about the tricky challenge of loving your self as you are yet at the same time acknowledging there is work to be done? I so admire Melissa McCarthy and Lady Gaga for challenging us about our prejudices around weight. Who are others to judge us anyway, right? But then I also know I have to be honest with myself and know there is work to be done, pounds to be lost, a healthy lifestyle to foster. As our society our self-worth is so wrapped up into how we look as well as how others perceive us. The transformation of Bruce Jenner into Caitlyn Jenner is a very public reminder. It is hard to say it doesn't matter. Very few of us truly don't care. 

I read something sent to me from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating that reminded me that sometimes we get so wrapped up in earth bound thoughts that we forget there is something greater going on. It helped me put this struggle in perspective and reminded me that life is a journey full of wonder and learning and greatness. It is a mighty and magical resource. Read on and see what you think.

There’s Something Greater Going On - If you wish to turbo-charge the process of finding hope, and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, for whatever eating issue you might face, then perhaps the last step is to awaken to the possibility that there is something greater going on here. There’s a wisdom to life that’s indeed intelligent, thoughtful, and profoundly more clever than anyone of us. If we believe in a random, loveless, chaotic and meaningless universe – then this will assuredly be our experience of life, and continued suffering is practically guaranteed. If you’ve been duped into thinking that there isn’t a powerful force of conscious design that moves and shapes all of creation, including your very important life, then this is perhaps the greatest worldview shift that any of us could make. We can never fully understand the forces of fate, destiny, and cosmic intelligence. But if we choose, we can experiment with being humble in the face of it all, and do our best to respond to how life is laying out our grand education. We’re all paying a lot of tuition to be in the school of life. Don’t let all that cash go to waste. Look around you at the magic of the world, notice it every day, and remember that no matter how challenging your eating concern might be, it’s secretly guiding you into your greatness.

So go out there and enjoy life! And Live Vibrant!


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